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Topping NX2 Portable DAC/Amp Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by mrjoshua, Mar 8, 2015.
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  1. MrJoshua
    I've only had this new DAC/Amp for a day, but I felt compelled to write an initial review of it as I'm astounded by the sound coming out of this tiny thing!

    I currently have it connected to my iPhone 6+ using the Apple Lightning to USB camera connection kit and the supplied short USB to Mini-USB cable, but have also tried it with my Lenovo Yoga 2 8" Android (KitKat) tablet using an OTG adapter. Both work perfectly and sound fantastic!

    I have my Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 (with ACS custom silicone moulds) connected to the NX2 and position 4 on the volume dial is comfortably loud enough for me.

    Without any music playing, the amp is virtually silent; only a slight (and very quiet) click is heard through the headphone when toggling the power switch, but otherwise there's no real white noise to speak of.

    Music played through this unit sounds very detailed but not over analytical, instrument separation is great, there is no sibilance at all and it appears to have plenty of power on tap (at least for these IEMs). I'll try with a selection of other headphones later, but for now I'm really happy listening to albums using this combo.
    Build quality looks and feels good for this price point.

    Since upgrading from my iPhone4 years ago and losing the 30pin dock which allowed me to use my Qables LOD cable, I've not been happy using an amplifier with my phone as I don't like the thought of amplifying an already amplified source rather than as line-level signal, so the NX2 with its built-in USB DAC at a fantastic price is just what I've been looking for!

    Great work Topping!
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  2. jerryp
    I would be interested to hear if the NX2 is better shielded against interference of your cell phone. Like if they are put back to back. 
    Also it looks like for Android, I'd have to find a short micro USB to mini USB cable. 
  3. MrJoshua

    Hi Jerry

    I've had my iPhone 6+ sat on top of the amp and haven't heard any noise so far, which is positive compared to the complaints I saw about the NX1.

    I'm currently using a micro USB to USB OTG adapter and the supplied USB to Mini USB cable with my Android tablet, but have also ordered a 0.5m Micro to Mini OTG cable which will hopefully simplify the wiring.

    I'm seriously impressed with this tiny unit! It doesn't have the same horsepower as my Fiio E12 (on high gain), or the same sort of feeling of it being a top-tier device, but it's a heck of a lot cheaper, has a built-in DAC, is much smaller and lighter, has a WAY better battery life and sounds great with my IEMs.
  4. lawnchairs
    I've been waiting for someone to start an NX2 thread! So far your impressions sound pretty promising, are you planning on reviewing it at all?
    I'd be interested to know how the sound compares to your Fiio, as I'll take function over form any day of the week [​IMG]
  5. MrJoshua
    OK, I'm currently in the office where I have 4G connectivity and I get a lot of interference :frowning2:

    If I turn 4G off, the interference disappears completely.
  6. toxicdrift
    whats the difference between this and the nx1 except being thinner and low noise? love my nx1, wondering weather this is a upgrade or not?
  7. funkymartyn
    Just on the info iv read up to now, I have the NX1 also, the NX2 as built in DAC...and is larger, slimmer, and a bit more cash...for what these items cost inc, the FiiO e11k,  theyre not that much cash, buy both....
  8. Balderovich
    I have my Fiio X1/NX1/Soundmagic ES10 combination with FLAC for travel and portability. I quite fancy the NX2 to keep connected to my laptop where I have my previous MP3 collection and Spotify. Would SQ be improved do you think ?
    I use Bose AE2 at home. They may not be to everyone's taste but I've had them a while and I enjoy their familiar sound. I think knowing your kit's ins and outs and that familiarity helps with enjoyment of the music.
  9. jerryp
    Well my NX2 arrived today and it sounds great. I am just streaming using an old Windows phone and using the Audio connection now until my mini to micro USB OTG cable arrives but I can tell the difference. This is my first headphone amp so I can't compare. I have v-moda m-80s at the moment. But deeper/clearer bass and wider separation. My phone is 3G and there is no interference bleeding in so far. Hopefully my OTG cable will arrive soon.
  10. Wokei
    Woo hoooo.....NX2 thread ..cheers
  11. EISENbricher
    *Registers here.
    I'm looking forward to this. Already have NX1 and totally satisfied with its sound / battery. Now I need a DAC for my laptop. If NX2 would be compatible with my phone then the things will be even better. 
    Anyway, will keep an eye one you guys' findings.
  12. Podster
    So I did not realize this thread was running when I posted the following short and abbreviated post in the NX1 thread! I know; I know, what a Jeep (what we always called newbie greenhorn's in the military if I've thrown you off).
    "Initial charge took less than two hours. First impressions with silver LOD/Gen IV Touch. AKG-702's used every drop of NX2 power, surprisingly clean and clear at max volume but was not getting full resolution. Did not fair much better with my Sony MDR 55 clip ons, but sounded OK with my Klipsch Image 1 on ears as well as the Senn PX-100. Now I'm pretty sure this little amp was designed to be an iem amp. Sounds very nice with the Shure 215's, does not change the 215 sound signature at all but my favorite so far are my Klipsch S3's but these are currently my favorite iem on any rig. For the price and at this point it seems to be a pretty nice sounding amp with iem's, I ran the touch through my c421 on all these as well and the NX2 won't hold a candle to the JDS but then again for three times as much it shouldn't. With all this said I'm sure the NX2 is going to be a great amp in the budget-fi thread with many good inexpensive DAPs and iem's. "
    Hopefully this weekend while in my Man Cave (Labs) I can do some real testing on this little baby, pretty sure I'm right about it being more of an iem amp but then again it did a pretty fair job with the two on ears I tried so far. Still for a third of the price I paid for my c421 it's a heck of a little unit[​IMG]
  13. Wokei
    Fancy seeing you here Podster....have we met before :rolleyes:

    Congrats EISENbricher ..young Senpai ...1000+ post now
  14. Podster
    Mongo don't know.................Mongo only pawn in game of life[​IMG]
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