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Topping DX7 - DAC and balanced headphone amplifier

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by faber65, Mar 16, 2017.
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  1. Jimster480
    Yep, its a great price!
    But sometimes on ebay you can find better prices, I would check the ebay pricing before ordering from Massdrop.
  2. Protek67
    Got it today, almost had a panic attack when it appeared DOA, turns out just the voltage selector was on 230 instead of 115. I am really enjoying it so far, gonna put my booze money into lossless track's, that is if I can keep my streak of not drinking going lol. It's encouragement.
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  3. Jimster480
    Congrats man, glad you are enjoying it so far!
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  4. akira
    Hello, I can't decide which amp to go, between Audio-GD NFB 11 and Topping DX7. One thing I prefer NFB11 is, it has an output select switch on the front, to switch headphone amplifier and pre-out. It's a bit dangerous that one click over could make the pre-out as fixed level out, which may blow my speakers out. How does DX-7's output selection works? I saw buttons on the remote, but looks not so straight forward, and even read that the output volume isn't adjustable?? Please let me know, you owners, how the switching between headphone out and pre-out works. Thank you.
  5. Jimster480
    I can tell you that the output volume is adjustable.
    There are 3 modes. Dac only, with fixed output, dac + headphone with volume control on both outputs at the same time, and headphone only.
    It has fade in on any output selection so even if you somehow accidentally change it (very hard to do) it will fade in the volume over about 3-5 seconds.
  6. Goodman247
    So, after initially thinking of buying the Jotunheim, I came across this and it seems to be a really piece of equipment for its value (Also, I have someone who is vacationing in China now and can help grab one for me locally for 1999 rmb, around $300). My one worry is if buying directly from China, would there be a power difference on the device or it's something I can easily fix by buying an adapter here.

    Overall, I'm not an expert on sound or an audiophile in any stretch, but I'm just looking for something that would complement my HD700 and DT990 Pro and enjoy great sounds from music, movies and games. It seems the DX7 will fit my need greatly! But I'm hoping to make sure it works buying directly from China.
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  7. akira
    Thank you for the explanation. That could be one good feature to protect the speaker system, by fading the volume after switching the outputs. I may have chance to shut down or switch back, even when I made mistake. This can't be achieved by simple direct switches or expensive remote relay system.
  8. Protek67
    I paid $400USD from amazon however they can be found much cheaper on ebay I am told. Also they were just on massdrop for $300 though I'm not certain if it is still available. The only reason I wouldn't buy from ebay, though I found out about it after my purchase, would be no backing of any kind if something goes wrong. The same could be said for your purchase from China. I would take that into consideration with more weight than the voltage difference. But if the voltage difference is the only issue I wouldn't be concerned, it comes with a 110/220 switch on the side and the only adaptation would be the cable leading to the unit. Still I would choose ebay over a friend in china due to the ability to have some sort of arbitration should you have a problem.
  9. Jimster480
    It has both a 120V and 240V switch on the unit.
    So it doesn't matter where you get it from, it will work in the USA also :)

    Personally I think the DX7 > Jotunheim. its more versatile overall and has incredible detail resolving.
  10. Jimster480
    Yes exactly, it gives you time to switch it to another input. Turn the volume down, etc
  11. Jimster480
    I bought it on ebay with no worries, I actually paid like $290 which is incredible considering how friggin amazing this unit actually is.
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  12. Arniesb
    Jimster you got my attention with this :D , i placed order few days ago, now the worst part is waiting. Sigh :frowning2: Will write my impression when i get this dac and pair with my Violectric V280.
  13. Protek67
    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I am having an issue with my DX7 and the balanced output which needs to be resolved before any potential return times out.

    When I am running DX7 -> Sukira HIFI cable for Hifiman -> HE400i
    I have an occasional audio "L/R wobble" which doesn't sound intentional from the source. At first I assumed that the lossless content plus new can's was showing me detail I have never heard, however I have begun to hear it in places like youtube where there is no reason for it. I have switched out the balanced he400i's for SE blue lola's yesterday and really don't hear much of it. Granted I'm not listening to the same content from one to the other and haven't put much time on the SE connection, but I'm pretty sure it is much better.

    If I can get advice on how to trouble shoot this I would appreciate it. The balanced cable I got leaves much to be desired so if a bad cable can do this I would suspect this first. However I have also heard in passing that this dac/amp uses two dac chips? and in my mind that says one is used for SE output and then both are used for balanced output. But I honestly have no clue. Last thought, I am running the DAC/amp through a usb hub however the problem isn't there on SE through the hub.

    If I can get thought's and opinions or maybe advice how to narrow this down to the faulty component I would appreciate it.

    *edit: Further testing shows it is due to the resolution of poor source audio.*
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
  14. Arniesb
    Dont know for sure, but it could be cable... I had issue when left channel constantly droped when using audio rca to rca cable. I know its different cable than balanced output one, but it coulb the case also. It would be nice to try different balanced cable for you.
  15. Arniesb
    P.S it was AudioQuest Cable. I tried different cables and problem solved.
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