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Topping DX7 - DAC and balanced headphone amplifier

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by faber65, Mar 16, 2017.
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  1. Jimster480
    Very nice review, I can't believe the 6.35mm has a 100ohm output impedance?
    I wonder if its an adjustable impedance.
  2. Elzizo
    I know this is an older thread. I was on the fence about buying this dac/amp combo or buying another Schiit Joutenheim. The price I found on eBay settled that argument since I only paid $283.90 w/ free shipping. Hopefully someone else on the fence can also get a really good deal on this product:

    Happy hunting!

    -The Zizo
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  3. Jimster480
    I grabbed it.
    Time to see what it's about!
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  4. LajostheHun
    That's a typo on his part, it is 10ohms for the SE HP out. The 100ohms is for the line level output [SE]. All this is on the spec sheet linked in the review as well which can be confusing at first glance.
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  5. Jimster480
    okay okay that makes a lot more sense. I wonder if it has some sort of variable impedance but considering that they have written it down versus leaving it open to interpretation means that it's less likely to be variable. Because I have a feeling that the impedance on the A30 is in fact variable.
  6. crabdog
    Cheers for spotting that. It has been corrected.
  7. tosvus
    Ok, I got this on ebay too - wow that was fast shipping! Really like it so far. Only issue I am having is I cannot seem to get any DSD files to play (I tried DSD128 which it is supposed to support). Followed all the instructions, but to no avail. The foobar player is playing it, but the dac is dead silent and appears to be receiving a 44khz signal. For FLAC it will vary depending on source material (I played up to 352.8khz so far) Anyone else have issues, and possibly a tip on what to fix? I followed the instructions, installed the 3 components into foobar and set them up per the instructions, but alas, nothing.
  8. Jimster480
    Mine came in too while I was away!
    I am going to be home tonight and I'll connect it tomorrow and try it out!
  9. tosvus
    Thanks! I have now tried on 2 computers with no luck. I can set it up to convert DSD to PCM at say 352.8khz and that works fine, though as far as I understand it should accept dsd direct as well...

    On a sidenote, at least for me this is a bit quirky. If you have it in HeadPhone or HeadPhone+Dac mode, the volume dial works (adjusting both headphones and speakers). If you set it to Dac (to me it makes little sense to run headphones and speakers simultaneously..) - it is locked at 0.0db, which is bad for a couple of reasons: a) my speakers play plenty loud at -36db, so if I accidentally switch to that mode, it could damage the speakers (in my case I have the HS8s, so probably not, but still kinda scary...) and b) since I would prefer to run just speakers sometimes, why not let me use the volume for the balanced outputs? Clearly it works in Headphone+Dac mode... Maybe they should have two dac modes.. It is kind of funny that the installation instructions specify to set the volume on the pc to 100%, which combined with 0.0db in dac mode can be a huge problem for powered speakers (especially ones that do not have a volume dial)
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2017
  10. Elzizo
    This may be a silly question, but I will ask it anyway: are you using the latest driver off of Toppings site for the DX7? I am using the latest driver and using the topping in Windows 10 Ent x64 with the latest driver without the issues you are experiencing playing DSD files from Fubar. I have a Joutenheim as well as the DX7, and for the price I got the DX7 for, it is an incredible value when you add the remote into the equation. It sounds simple, but the power switch being behind the unit limits the Joutenheim's placement possibilities in my environment.
  11. tosvus
    Hi, yes, I downloaded the latest drivers, and latest foobar. Then I followed the instructions. I run Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. It might be some settings somewhere that I could change that are not listed in the instructions perhaps? I am new to foobar, so definitely not an expert. The only way I can get DSD(128) to successfully play on the DX7 was to go to SACD settings and set it to DSD+PCM and then I set to the highest samplerate 352800. Then it plays and the display on the DX7 shows PCM and that samplerate. If I set DSD, it shows PCM 44khz and no sound.
  12. Jimster480
    Are you sure that it plays direct DSD?
    Because its usually DSD->PCM
  13. tosvus
    Initially I followed the instructions and set it to DSD in SACD Settings on Foobar. Foobar showed that it output DSD128 the bitrate and I can see the track playing (the seconds tick away). However, the DAC is dead silent, and claims to be receiving PCM 44.1Khz. (which makes no sense). Is there a setting on the DAC itself I am missing, or can you think of any other settings in Foobar/Windows that could help? Thanks so much for all the feedback so far!
  14. crabdog
    I had a bit of trouble with it at first but it turned out to be just one of the settings in Foobar but I can't recall which one it was exactly. DX7 only supports DSD128 so make sure that's what you choose in Foobar settings and make sure the file you're trying to play is not DSD256 or higher.
  15. Jimster480
    But does it support DirectDSD? I thought it would only support DOP?

    Either way I don't use either but I know from the M8 you use DOP.
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