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Topping DX7 - DAC and balanced headphone amplifier

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by faber65, Mar 16, 2017.
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  1. Paladin79
    I am not exactly faint-hearted but there are things I would rather invest $4000 into and being in the business I rarely pay full retail when avoidable. I would first have to hear one but I am more likely to hear and purchase a MicroZOTL 2 or Bottlehead Mainline first. That being said I would certainly read your review.
  2. btkli
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  3. btkli
    Hey @amirm, you mentioned you also received a Topping D50 for review? Never aware of this new model before, could u give us a little preview of what this is? Is it an upgrade of the D30? Thanks!
  4. amirm
    Hi btkli.

    Sure. I am told it is NOT a replacement for D30. It retails for $249 so more expensive. It has a display which the D30 lacks. It also feels higher quality and solid. It is square aluminum box around thickness of a deck of cards. It has a volume control through up/down buttons which again D30 does not have.

    I hope to review it soon. :)
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  5. amirm
    FYI the review of Topping D50 is posted now.
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  6. btkli
    Wow, seems like that's the next toy I will be saving up to buy! Thanks @amirm for your hard work!
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  7. UNOE
    Has anyone compared this to Gustard A20H ?
  8. UNOE
    Does D50 have auto on/off feature like dx7?
  9. human bass
    Question: I have a hifiman x v2 that i plan to use balanced. It would have a problem with the high impedance output of the dx7?
  10. kukkurovaca
    No, it would be more of a concern for in-ear monitors. Most full-size headphones, especially planars, should not have a problem.
  11. antdroid
    Planar magnetic headphones dont seem to be affected by high impedance output. In my experience, I just got the DX7 and it sounds great with my HE560 and Audeze Sine out of balanced XLR.
  12. blitz9826
    Yeah, using HE-400i and they really do sing with my Sukira cable. That said, I still feel there's a bit more of improvement possible if I used a proper balanced amplifier.
  13. human bass
    That is really good to know. Now the question is DX7 or DX7S? does the difference between the 9018 and 9038 justfies the extra 100 bucks?
  14. Justin0505
    I ordered a DX7s earlier in the week from Ali-Express seller "TakstarAudio Store" (yes same company that sells the headphones of the same name).
    It's my first experience using Alibaba or Ali-Express and so far it seems a little too good/ easy to be true: reasonable price ($479.99 shipped!), painless transaction, and VERY responsive updates from the seller via PM's on the site - all apparently coming from a real person with very good English fluency. They provided a DHL label w/ tracking literally within an hour of me sending payment.

    So now it's just down to waiting for Chinese/US customs and DHL to do their thing.

    My chain will be:
    Tidal lossless "masters", handful of local FLAC and mp3 files, various FPS games
    > Windows PC w/ both USB from MB and S/PDIF from Asus STX II
    > Topping DX7S (pre-amp out via balanced XLR)
    > Headamp GS-X mk2 (DACT version)
    > Audeze LCD-4 (balanced)

    I was originally planning on a Benchmark DAC3, but after reading Amir's and a few other reviews I though I'd try this out and see if this ambitious Chinese offering can fill the shoes that would normally belong to a DAC costing more than 3X the money.

    I'll post on update once I have it actually sitting on my desk and hooked up to my system.
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  15. newtophones07
    Looking at new DAC purchase for my desk. I don't need the amp in the DX7S, just the DAC/preamp volume control.

    Is there anything else that separates this from the cheaper D50? They both have the dual es9038q correct? Just curious if the additional $209 is worth it for the DX7S over the D50.

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