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Topping DX7 - DAC and balanced headphone amplifier

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by faber65, Mar 16, 2017.
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  1. Nathanl
    So I'm getting an emu teak and lcd2c next month and kinda wanna upgrade from my modi magni uber. I'm think about either the fostex hpa4 bl,dx7 or the aune x7s paired with my modi. I really like the idea of balanced. Any thoughts or opinions....
  2. Jimster480
    This is basically the best bang for the buck setup you can get.
    Its capabilities are great and so is its feature set.
    In comparing to other units, you are looking at about double the price before you get into anything that compares to this in terms of its features, quality, and looks/feel.
    The screen, remote, XLR, Balanced Out for external Amp, AES input, etc are usually reserved for very expensive gear.
  3. selvakumar
    can any one post the internal circuit layout
  4. Jimster480
  5. UNOE
    If anyone wants to sell a DX7 let me know
  6. selvakumar
  7. selvakumar
    and if any one selling your Dx7 ping me ill buy
  8. Jimster480
    Haha I doubt anyone who has one really wants to sell it lol it's too good!
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  9. taz23
    Anyone knows when will the new DX7s (ES9039Q2M) be out?
    trellus likes this.
  10. Jimster480
    No idea, they were working on it a while already.
    Not sure how much of an upgrade it will be.
  11. cubed4life
    Was about to order DX7....... then I see this.....

  12. cubed4life
    Yup, got a silver one on the way!!

    @Jimster480 could you help me understand by the downside being 10ohm output impedance effecting sound quality. I did notice balanced has 20ohm output impedance, does higher impedance usually help sound quality?

  13. Jimster480
    Lower helps with sound quality. 10 ohm isn't the best for low impedance headphones. It depends on the voltage swing and impedance mismatch and frequency response.
    But if your headphones are atleast 80ohm there isn't any issue.
    Although with many u modern headphones the impact is minimized.
  14. cubed4life
    Thanks for the help.
  15. UNOE
    I just bought one and all my headphones are under 80 ohm. BA CIEM, TH0XX, EL8, iSine 20. What is the issue?
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