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Topping D50

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by junki, Apr 8, 2018.
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  1. ggillies
    I'm not sure what firmware version I am on, but I am on the latest Windows Drivers (comes as a D50s set of drivers, but works with my D50).
  2. KonstantinN
    Do you have the link to the details of that? What is the reason for this design change and what exactly has been changed in the hardware?
  3. yavormoskov
    It is official. Soon will have the matching Topping A50 headphone amplifier. It would look great on top of the D50s DAC. I hope it measures at least as well as JDS labs Atom. I am attaching a screenshot of the email.

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  4. Feilong4
    Does anyone or did anyone have both the D50 and D50S? I just received a D50S to replace my D50 (as I wanted bluetooth and the remote) but the screen is of noticeably less quality on my D50S unit. Like I can see the glow around the "board" where the numbers and letters are (not sure what the correct term is). The brightness is also quite a bit dimmer with both on "auto".

    I haven't read the thread but I'm wondering if others have this problem. If anyone's D50S doesn't have this problem, I'd like to know so I could send them in to be replaced.

    1 - 9izjJbw.jpg 4 - KvAC2RL.jpg 2 - Xhh3U7G.jpg 3 - WaJNCrM.jpg
  5. yavormoskov
    That is about right. I actually like this glow. The screen is indeed a little dimmer thankfully. And my neighbor also bought the Topping D50s and it is the same. I like it more this way. I wish they had screen off setting.
  6. Feilong4
    Thanks for confirming. It's just really weird being used to the D50's screen and then seeing the D50S's screen.

    I'm not sure if the "Auto" setting while adjusting the brightness might be what you're looking for, but the screen automatically turns off after 20 seconds or so.
  7. yavormoskov
    No, this is probably the auto sleep function of the D50s. I want the screen to be completely turned off while playing music.
  8. BubbaJay
    I've been looking at a few different dac's to get and most use AK chips but since I already have one with my beloved JDS Labs EL Dac I decided to go with the D50s so I can try a good ESS dac that eliminates the so-called "hump" they're known to have. I think it will pair well with my SMSL SP200 THX AAA amp and the fact it has Bluetooth is a nice plus.
  9. BubbaJay
    So it's been a few days now that I've had the D50s and I really like how it sounds paired with my SMSL SP200, I guess that's why Amazon recommend I get that with the Dac but luckily I already had one.

    Anyways, the D50s sounds a bit smoother than my EL Dac which might be because it use a ESS chip set and the EL has an AKM Dac. I've read read that the AKM Dacs are a bit bright and more forward sounding compared to the ESS Dacs and that's kinda what I'm hearing, but I also know it has a lot to do with how the Dacs are implemented. I don't know if the D50s is better than the EL or just different or both, but what ever it is I like it and I'm glad I have it.
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  10. Baten
    Funny, that's the first time I ever read that. It's always the opposite, AKM is supposedly velvety/smooth and Sabre is supposedly hyper-detailed/bright :D

    I don't really believe any of that, but rather that it's up to the implementation and output stage.
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  11. mykeldg
    ^^ based on my previous dacs, AKM should indeed be more laid back, like there is a recession in upper mids to make it sound less harsh but still have all the details (i.e. Velvet sound). ESS should be more upfront and detailed (but not harsh). Maybe ESS nailed it in the latest chipwhere its more balanced while still retaining all the details.

    I just ordered the d50s. I'll see how it compares to my Modi Multibit v2 which bested the modi 3(AKM) and D30 (CS)
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019 at 7:36 AM
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