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Topping D50

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by junki, Apr 8, 2018.
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  1. carlmart
    Not really. The D50 has a separate input for power. In fact it's advisable to cut the +5V wire inside the USB cable you use with it. Just the +5v wire, not the ground wire, which some people suggest.

    This supply:

  2. ceausuc
    Current Khadas version works on usb power. We'll see if the new one will have separate power input like D50.

    If you cut the ground wire in the usb cable the dac won't be recognized by the OS not sure how could anyone suggest doing it.
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  3. MonkeyDance
    I am getting an "unlock" message and doesnt show up on my iMac. Any ideas on what to do? I have tried power cycling, tried different power sources, doesnt seem to make a difference. Should I return it for another one or just get something else all together?
  4. ceausuc
    Could you try it on another computer/pc?
  5. Vosya
    A few days ago I connected the D50 in parallel through an optical SPDIF to an existing USB connection. The differences in sound in direct comparison are so great that the USB is forgotten as a nightmare. Interested in the question: what is the path of the sound stream from the optical SPDIF input to the ES9038Q2M? Which chip is the converter, if any?
  6. carlosgab
    Has anyone experienced some intermittent cracking sound when you play a song from the D50? It is irregular and will just pop out of nowhere. My chain is from DPX1A>D50>THX or Gilmore lite. I have ruled out that it is the D50 which is having the problem after I tried my amps with another dac. I have not updated my D50 firmware eversince I bought it a year ago and Im wondering if it will sort out by just updating it. Anyone?
  7. taravasya
    Hello! Is anybody here with P50 power supply?
    I buy it.. and as my "ears thinks" - it was very good for music listening ))
    But I have problem/question:
    If I DISSABLE my D50 DAC, P50 start to warming up, and after some time(15-20 minuts) P50 top case warmed to ~40°C-45°C and stabilizes at this temperature.
    Then if I ENABLE D50, P50 going to cool to 25-30°C
    I think this warmup cause of voltage regulator without loading... So... Have I to disable P50 with knob then I turn off D50, that would P50 not get warmup or is it not critical?
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019
  8. MiddestFi
    Hey gang! Wondering if anyone has successfully connected an iPhone via the usb camera adapter to their d50. Im thinking of doing an Atom/D50 stack and the capability to connect my iPhone would push me over the edge into ownership!
  9. KonstantinN
    Hello. It works like a charm with my iPhone and camera adapter kit. PCM and DSD over PCM up to DSD128 - no problems. Neutron player, HiBy music player apps are capable to play SACDs from network source to D50 (DoP mode).

    Hope it clarifies the case.
    BTW, Topping D10 also works fine with iPhone. But you need to “inject” additional power to usb connection using usb isolator based on ADUM4160 (search for Nobsound ADUM4160 - handy thing also helps to eliminate usb noise of your PC usb ports and galvanically isolate usb sources).
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  10. MiddestFi
    Excellent! I would likely be using tidal or amazon music hd on my phone. Do you anticipate there bring any software issues or incompatibilities or anything?
  11. ggillies
    With all this talk about iPhones, I decided to try it with my Android Samsung Galaxy S9 and it works perfectly! Used my Ugreen micro USB to USB3 cable, straight into the D50 and I used Tidal... It even shows the correct bitrate and everything if I'm playing an MQA Master. Haven't evaluated how it sounds all that much, but apart from having to bump the volume up a couple of notches, it all seems good.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
  12. KonstantinN
    On your pictures i see it shows bit depth - 32bits. Mine does not show bit depth for PCM streams from any USB sources, including PC.
    What is the firmware version of your D50?
  13. KonstantinN
    Well, i do not use this services and can not answer for sure. Would not like to speculate. Try and post the results here :)
  14. MrPanda
    I have, it works fine
  15. Ripper2860
    Later versions of the D50 do not display bit depth. Has nothing to to do with firmware, just a running design revision that Topping chose to implement.
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