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Topping D50

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by junki, Apr 8, 2018.
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  1. KonstantinN
    Making conclusions about sound impact of one of the sound system (source-to-ear) component based on READING does not sound correct :)
    To me D50 sounds very musical and detailed at the same time. Not fatiguing at all. I listen to it with headphones. A900x, W5000 both sound differently but great.
  2. KonstantinN
    My D50 does not show PCM bitrate also. Out of the box. Looks like they removed bitrate display starting firmware 1.02.
  3. Vosya
    I don’t understand what bitrate you are talking about. In my opinion, the display in the bottom line of the screen has not changed with all the firmwares, starting from the original one, which did not even have a normal number, to the current 1.03.
  4. kaushama
    In the specs of CSR 8675 they don't list LDAC.
    So what's going on? Do they implement a way to convert LDAC into APTX HD within android platform?
    If so any loss of audio bit data in the process?
  5. cpurdy
    This will vary from device design to device design. Depending on the quality of the D50 design, it may be able to deal with the power fluctuations that are very common with cheap USB power supplies, or it may not. I personally did not notice a difference between a supposedly-good power supply (iFi iPower) and a cheap one with the D50, but I didn't A/B it, and don't care to. The better power supplies (particularly for DC->AC conversion, like in UPS systems) seem to help with the longevity of the equipment, which is important to me.
  6. Slade01
    I apologize if this is an old question, but havent been able to find information on this - with the D50 and rolling opamps, is it easy to do (simply pull/plug and play) or harder (soldering required)? Thanks.
  7. spacequeen7
    Hi,unfortunately you have to do it the hard way
  8. Slade01
    That sucks but thank you so much for clearing that up!
  9. carlmart
    There is a third option too, which I think is the best in all aspects: provide balanced outputs directly from the DAC to outside the Topping.

    Then implement a proper linear supply to start with for the output stage, and experiment both with discrete and opamps options.

    Hopefully that is the path I will follow.
  10. Slade01
    Is there a thread or website that elaborates on this? I am not sure I understand --is it like almost somehow bypassing the Op Ams/output stage onboard the Topping into another board of some sorts?
  11. carlmart
    No thread yet, maybe when I modify mine.

    Yes, you bypass the whole output stage, which is powered by DC-DC supply.
  12. KonstantinN
    In the new D50s they changed the output opamp.
    If someone has both D50 and D50s, I am curious to read sound difference impressions.
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  13. Fawzay
    from what i read from audioscience review, the sound different is insignificant, so i cant really hear the difference but in measurement aspect, u will expect a difference. u can check more here in this link given below.
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  14. escalibur
    DS50s is live at Drop for $200! My Atom is screaming for it...:)
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  15. Mij-Van
    Waiting for the first comparisons of D50 vs D50s.
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