Topping D30 DSD DAC XMOS/CS4398

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by drteming, Sep 28, 2016.
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  1. K Roland_61
    Thank you so much, Jimster480! Then I'll order the D30 now! :)

    I'll listen to it with the OPA2134 first.
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  2. redrich2000
  3. Faber65
    Then upgrade it with a Burson SS6 discrete opamp.
    I have both: the Mimby and the D30 but..... with the Burson opamp..... Well it’s a matter of taste.
    That’s all.
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  4. Malefoda
    I've one at home, I guess it's good for 90$. But I'm used to my Class A output stage ES9018, should explain why I find it not so great :wink:
    Playing complex and loaded music the sound collapses in the center of speakers in a sound-mud. And it's lacking fine high-mids. Again, compared to my ES9018 (and my heavily modded TDA1387...).
    I did exaggretate the flaws quite much, but that's how I explain the best what I feel. Mind that in most case, no Black Metal nor Verdi's Requiem, it makes a decent DAC.
    Anyway it's my bro's one, and I've tested it with a linear power supply. In my case I find it better. High-mids are better, more air, and that "collapse in the center" almost gone. A clear step up for me. Anyone else tried a nice regulated linear supply?
    Now I also wonder if I change the opamp to maybe LME49720 or another flavor I'll get even more out of it...
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  5. Jimster480
    Burson has a really high slew rate, I would wonder about oscillation.

    I have a LM4562 in my A30 and it improves the sound quality a bit.
    Yes I agree there are a bit of details missing from the D30, but considering the price its incredible and out of the realm of what most people are capable of hearing without some real high end headphones.

    Not sure about the LME49720, the LM4562 would be easier to replace due to similar specs without worrying about oscillation.
  6. JaMo
    About the D30, -Why is exchenge of opamps somehow relevant when there is no scientific measursed difference between them.. i really wonder and I really hope for an welleducated explanation..

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  7. Malefoda
    They are the same spec wise, if the LM4562 fits then the LME49720 does also. But the latter is said to be better sounding... another can of worms =) Let it closed!

    My take on this. No truth, just my take FWIW.
    I take the problem the other way, how can opamps with really differents specs (which are in fact measurements in lab) sound the same? Add to that that they will not "handle" task the same in the circuit they are fitted in. How can they sound the same? I still have a work book from AD, from a seminar, on which opamp for what circuit, specs etc... and done by Walter Jung :wink: Audio also covered.
    I haven't seen your measurements, but if these were single sinewave in an easy stable setup they won't show much difference, like amps playing a sinewave, they'll all sound the same. But that crazy complicated signal which is music, I doubt it. Maybe I'm dead wrong :)
  8. Jimster480
    I didn't change mine, but I can tell you that with rolling OpAmps in my A30 there are subtle differences. It comes with instruments like Cymbals and violin where the finest details can be clipped out. Also all the way in the low end with sub bass it can sometimes be garbled.
    I noticed a very slight improvement when I went from the stock amp to the LM4562. I also tried the NE5532P and the NJM4562D and the OPA2227PA, the 2227PA was slightly worse and I noticed some clips in low and high frequency details.
    The 5532 was pretty comparable to the stock OPA2134.
    NJM and LM4562 were basically identical, I couldn't tell a difference between the two.
  9. redrich2000
    Just got one of these. I've got it grouped in Roon with the HifimeDIY Sabre DAC it's replacing, so I can A/B them via the input switch on the amp. This is the first time I've ever been able to A/B gear so well like this. There is a BIG improvement with the D30. I was half expecting to not be able to tell the difference but there is significantly more air/detail/resolution/dynamics/soundstage. The only other comparable A/Bing I've been able to do was of 320kbps v Lossless files using an online ABX tool. The improvement Topping>sabre is significantly more than lossless>320kbps. Very happy.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
  10. Jimster480
    I know the feels man, when I got my D30 it was like a whole new world of music was unlocked.
    I tried a bunch of different DAC's (including the Modi Multibit, SMSL M8 & M8A, Fulla2) and none could unseat it for the price or quality. The M8/M8A are slightly better DAC's but at basically 2x the price for ~1% improvement is a hard justification.
    The Topping DX7 is a clear step up (atleast in my testing) but you have to listen to technical music to enjoy it and it is very revealing of poor recordings, meaning that you might not like it depending on what you listen to and if your favorite artists recordings are good or not.
  11. musicfan145
    I also compared the Modi Multibit with the D30. I haven’t had much time listening to the D30, but within about 5 minutes of listening, I started boxing up the Modi to return it. I didn’t hear any pops or clicks with the Mimby, it just sounded much more harsh and fatiguing in the treble and a lot less energetic on the midrange.

    I suspect that the difference in preference comes down to what type of amp and headphones are in use, but here’s an undeniable fact about the Mimby: If you don’t like it, you’re out a 15% restocking fee plus shipping both directions. (About $60, in my case.) It makes sense to try every other DAC with a better return policy first.
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  12. Jimster480
    The D30 is certainly easy to listen to, I listened to many hundreds of hours on mine. Its been semi-retired now with my DX7 but it might be repurposed soon for a "bedroom" rig :D
  13. jekjek
    My 8 month old d30 just decided to go on mute forever.

    But i have ordered a new one cause i had so much fun with it
  14. Jimster480
    Oh yea? Did you contact them? Because it has a 1 year warranty. If you email them I'm sure that they will respond.
  15. jekjek
    I cant cause i void the warranty with the op amp modification
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