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Topping A30 Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jimster480, Mar 20, 2017.
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  1. Technopiper
    That's a good find. Ironic, isn't it? Shorter cables being more expensive. I guess that's because it serves a very specific niche market. I just want to reduce cable clutter.
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  2. junki
    The shortest, cheapest good RCA cable: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01A7SGD6E/
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  3. Bhargu
    A black colour chassis (anodized) with a dim copper LED ring would have been awesome (JDS Element, anyone). The finish of D50 is amazing. I'm not really into the brushed aluminium and blue LED. Still an awesome device and the only alternative to Magni 3. The hardware (internal components) seems to be of better quality. The only actual complaint is the output impedance. That holds it back from becoming a truly versatile little amp. I have an O2, but am wondering about getting this for planars.
  4. Bhargu
    Is it possible to just replace the LEDs with some other colour? I read in O2 discussion that the LED choice affects the characteristics of the circuit. Will it be applicable here. I read on thier site description that the LED and some other stuff are powered separately.
  5. Oscar-HiFi
    Best to contact Topping about changing the LED.

    I have both an O2 and an A30, both power my HE-500, but the A30 is a bit better at doing it than the O2. The O2 is better with sensitive IEM's
  6. TERMiNAL_
    I use the A30 with my M40x's and with the 3.55mm input it's perfect, and i still have the option to use the gain modes if i want to blow my brain apart.

    Max volume at 0db gain is perfect. But the gain levels can be really useful.

    The amp doesn't get too hot unless you start using the gain levels to push the headphones harder, even then it doesn't get super hot.
  7. fokta
    Hi There, Just got A30 yesterday, I used it to drive DT990pro.

    I would like to question regarding the background noise when I set Volume at 2 o'clock and gain 9 dB..
    its not bothering me, but just feel different when I set the gain to 0 dB, i dont heard this.
  8. thebkt
    The higher gain you run the higher the sound floor. What DAC are you feeding the A30 with? If you're using a cheaper DAC or plugging the amp directly into a computer soundcard, then that's possibly adding that noise to your amp.
  9. fokta
    I am using DAC Topping D30, sorry forgot to mention this.

    The noise will be very clearly heard, when listening to acoustic music, after the sound of treble. If silent gap, no noise. (or this is the character of DT 990 Pro, since this is my first 250 Ohm Can)

    When I try with other can (Superlux HD668b, the only can that I have beside M40x) I do not hear it... only louder when using Gain 9 dB (quite irritating).

    BTW, will Jack input also affecting ? I am using 6.25 mm for DT990Pro, and 3.5 mm for HD668b ??
    I try, not much different on the noise...

    I found out that the noise I listen to is part of the Can character, when I read the DT990 Pro review. So I am good now.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
  10. Fawzay
    hai everbody, i would like to inquire and confirm if the new headphone amp is in the making: the Topping A50 ?
  11. Bhargu
    Topping directly confirmed that it is in the making. Only details known are that it will have an output impedance less than 1 ohms, and it might be released some time in 3rd quarter or a bit later. They mentioned in passing that it might have lower output power.
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  12. Fawzay
    orite thx :) planning to get this and stack it with my Topping D50 DAC, prolly worth the wait.
  13. Bhargu
    Probably, if it is anything like the jump from D30 to D50 :)
  14. alx-
    Has anyone tried this with t50rp's (Argon's more specifically) and noted any changes in the sound for the worse, being 50 ohm headphones? Then again they are planars and hard to drive so the output impedance might not have much effect.

    I'd love to know since I'm trying to decide between this and Objective 2.
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  15. GirgleMirt
    Is the D50 really significantly better than the D30? Did you test them side by side? I'm quite a bit skeptical, but will probably be on the market for a DAC as my Schiit modi is seemingly dying for the 2nd time now (replacement), so I was thinking D30, but...
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