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Topping A30 Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jimster480, Mar 20, 2017.
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  1. Oscar-HiFi
    It provides more power (not volume) for demanding headphones, for most use lo will be fine. When using with planars and other harder to drive headphones switch it to Hi.
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  2. Jimster480
    Basically what Oscar said. For all my current headphones I use the Low setting and the 3.5mm plug (also lower output).
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  3. threx
    Aight, thank you both.
  4. thebkt
    For future reference, should anyone get the same setup - I've had no trouble driving my HE-560's with the A30. On Hi power and 0dB gain they're listenable at around 1 o'clock and come to life ~3 o'clock. Easy-peasy to drive on 9dB gain. They sound good in conjunction with the D30, but to my ears, considerably better with a Mimby.

    Hope that helps :)
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  5. Jimster480
    Sounds about right. I haven't found anything I can't drive with the A30 yet, especially on 9dB mode... Forget 18dB LOL
  6. niknik
    Wonder if anyone owns a Topping NX3 or NX5 and could do a small comparison to the A30?
  7. Jimster480
    Looking over the entire Topping Lineup, nothing will compare with the A30.
    It has way more power than any other device.
  8. niknik
    Thank you Jimster480. Considering this one mainly for a pair of ER-4S. Don't know if it would be too much of an analytical combo.
  9. Jimster480
    Depends on what the impedance response is of the ER-4S, the A30 3.5mm output is 30ohm and the 6.35mm is 10ohm so if you have the 80 ohm edition then u can use the 6.35mm without worry, otherwise check the impedance response and see if the frequency response will change with the output impedance.
    I have driven 1More quad & triple drivers without loss of quality, but it doesn't apply to all headphones.
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  10. ostewart
    Should work fine, you can always roll op-amps to tune the sound slightly :D

    The output impedance is 10 ohms from the 6.3mm output, and higher for the 3.5mm output. So I advise using an adaptor and using the 6.3mm output.
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  11. Jimster480
    Ive got a LM4562 in my main A30 and it did improve the sound a bit, its hard to hear at first but there are differences in micro details. I went back and forth between a few OpAmps and tested specifically in the same songs during technical parts.
    Depending on the type of music you listen to though you may never hear a difference.

    But yes if the output impedance matters a 6.35mm->3.5mm adapter can do wonders :)
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  12. niknik
    Yes I must admit your op-amp change sounds rather intriguing.
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  13. Hmkls
    Does anyone know if this adapter makes any sense?

    I haven't seen anyone mention using something like this in an amp. It states that the adapter allows you to basically add a buffer stage using extra opamps and thus increase the sound quality. The A30 doesn't look like it has a buffer stage so I'm wondering if this will make a positive change to the sound.
  14. Reinhold

    my brand new a30 was in the mail today. great little amp.
    What surprised me is that the left switch has no effect on the volume or soundsignature.
    no matter if it´s set to high or low. any ideas ?

    what annoys me is that blue power light. has someone disabled it yet?

    best regards,
  15. ostewart
    The left switch is not supposed to make any sound difference. Its just there to allow extra current for harder to drive headphones.

    You could open the unit and cover the LED with heatshrink or something.
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