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Topping A30 Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jimster480, Mar 20, 2017.
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  1. Cleo Hoeger
    Thanks for the input. Well, what other amps do you recommend? Preferably around this price range. Heard pretty good stuff about the emotiva basX a100, Massdrop THX AAA, JDS Atom, and the CTH (heard it pairs well with the 6xx). Problem is that it’d be more of a hassle to have them shipped to where I live, whereas the topping stack is more accessible in my region.
  2. thebkt
    I wish I could tell you about the A-100, I ordered one late last month, but shipping got delayed and I don't have it yet :frowning2:

    If you don't plan on powering speakers and can afford it, I'd suggest getting the Massdrop THX. I've read only good things about it and with that, you won't be in any need of upgrading your amp for a long time, unless you want a different flavour of sound. The atom also seems good for the price. I enjoy my Massdrop Liquid Carbon, but if I had to choose between it and the THX, I'd go THX to future proof myself.
  3. Cleo Hoeger
    Thanks for the reply. Both the THX and the liquid carbon are too pricey for me as of now. Looking into the A30, Atom, and the o2.
  4. GirgleMirt
    How/why was he banned?!

    It would be interesting to hear malazz123 as to why the A30 isn't suitable for the 6xx! To try to answer your question, I think the Magni is an upgrade to the Fulla, from my comparison the A30 sounded superior to me to the Magni (1) and Aune T1, so there should be an improvement vs Fulla, but I honestly couldn't tell you if it would be worth it... Looking at malazz123's pics, I see some tubes in there, so it might be more of a SS vs tube thing.

    Google'd o2 vs A30 and;
    But myself was vs Magni 1... Anyway, as you said availability and taxes, shipping, etc., can really driver the price up, the A30 can be bought from aliexpress and such and the $ you can save on shipping, taxes and brokerage can be significant. There's surely better amps than A30, just a matter of $ and how much you're willing to pay! (I feel your pain, trying to estimate improvement via internet is hard.. :p )
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2018
  5. malazz123
    well i am not a pro @mid-fi thing ... the reason is simple actually,
    it is because hd650 with my ifi micro black edition + tube valhalla2 sounds better than topping d30+a30 combo :):gs1000smile:
    but like i said it's just a matter of preference .

    yeah don;t make it like SS vs tube thing . d30+a30 combo are good budget dac-amp combo for everyone

    sorry for the broken english here ... read and write @ tipsy condition LOL
  6. Cleo Hoeger
    Hey thanks for replying and doing a bit of research into this.
    Audio-science’s test seems to contradict with what the guy has to say. It seems like the A30 is not as incompetent as he made it out to be. The only real downside I can see is the high output impedance. Running the a30 with headphones with >80 ohms impedance should not be an issue.

    Certainly there MIGHT be better options out there like you said. Perhaps the jds atom? It performs really well when tested. Tbh the only significant edge that I can see it has is lower output impedance. I’d really like to get my hands on it but the shipping and taxes bother me. The A30 is easier to acquire. But, if it’s really worth it I might get it shipped from the states.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2018
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  7. thebkt
    Shouldn't be too hard to get the gist of it if you see any of his later posts. The dude was just a drain on the community. The most contentious stuff got deleted.
  8. greenarrow
    Greetings guys ..

    Just off-loaded my Modi3/Magni3 combo as I've problem using them with my DT880Pro and ATH-M50x. Need some advice on the setup of the A30/D30 combo to replace the M&M combo.
    Which is the best setup to drive my two cans? I'm using this for my music and gaming needs. For music, I listen to the 60s,70s and 80s - a senior citizen with a pair of non-audiofile ears :ksc75smile:

    Any advise appreciated.
  9. thebkt
    Perhaps you could look into the JDS labs gear, or something from Drop such as the SDAC or LCX. The topping stack is... Ok. It'll power your cans just fine, but it's nothing remarkable. I haven't heard the JDS stuff personally, but their gear gets consistently high praise and no dingd the build quality is higher than the topping stack.

    For context, I enjoyed my stack while I had it. I'm kind of confused why you're making a side grade in sound and a downgrade in build from the schiit gear. Well, unless the 880's are too sharp with that stack, then I totally understand.
  10. Xyrium
    I had the DT880/600's, and my Fiio A5 did fine by them. Now, those are far higher in impedance than the Pro's that you have, which I believe are 250Ohms. So, I'd wager that the A5 would do very well with the 880 Pros. That said, the A5 is very neutral to my ears. I also run a pair of Senn 580's and a pair of AT M40x on the A5 with excellent results. I leave the A5 connected to a USB power supply and use it as a desktop amp with zero noise problems. Keep in mind, the 880's don't have a high power rating, so as long as the amp can handle the impedance and sensitivity, the overall output should be rather sufficient IMO.
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