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Topping A30 Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jimster480, Mar 20, 2017.
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  1. Bhargu
    I haven't heard the D50. Listened to the D30 at a friends. It was OK by itself. Didn't like the looks of it. For me, D50 looks a lot better. Also, the fact that it has its own volume control, can be driven from even a power bank, and its size and looks works in its favour. It stacks well and looks good with an amp that I am planning on buying.
  2. Xyrium
    I'm rather surprised that you're pleased with this pairing. That's a 20 Ohm output impedance feeding a 35 Ohm set of cans.
  3. TERMiNAL_
    Not sure why you'd be surprised, yeah they are numbers...but if it sounds good, it sounds good and I don't over think it.
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  4. Xyrium
    My apologies if you perceived that as criticism, that was unintended. Perhaps you know what I'm referencing. I believe this is probably the most popular reference for the practice of loading an amp's output, though most of the current amp manufacturer's, produce amps that have specs below 1 Ohm in most cases for output impedance.


    In the case with the A30, I would simply suggest that you utilize the larger, 6.35mm output, as it's rated at 10 Ohms. Perhaps it's not night and day, but better performance should result, even from that minor reduction in output impedance. I used the A30 to drive Beyer 880/600s, and the amp is indeed very good.

    Finally, I'm in agreement with your "ignorance is bliss" position. There comes a point where the music is simply enjoyable. So, one has to stop and listen, instead of worrying about all of the minute details. :)
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  5. TERMiNAL_
    You are correct about the 6.35mm output, it did sound fuller but also much much louder, So I opted to use the 3.55mm output because when I maxed out the volume it was as loud as I wanted it.

    A lot of people have bashed the amp, but most of those people haven't even tried it.

    Sure it's not an amazing amp, but it gets the job done...the D30 is excellent for the price though..

    I had to sell the A30 & D30 though because I need some cash :frowning2: Now it's back to onboard audio.
  6. Xyrium
    I've only heard good things about the A30, and Topping quality in general. Though I'm selling my A30 currently, I think of it in high regard and as a very high quality choice for high impedance cans.

    I'm sorry to hear about your current audio state, though I'll also admit, onboard audio (perhaps not in laptops, but definitely motherboards) has come a long way! Hang in there!
  7. Peib
    Lower output power?
    Topping a50 will have less power than topping a30?
    It doesnt make sense
    Do you mean impedance? My english is not very well and maybe i didnt understand well
  8. paulindss
    Hi friend.

    He said less OUTPUT IMPEDANCE, basically, it is better to have less OUTPUT impedance, and has nothing to do with power. Less output impedance means that the AMP can match with low, and high impedance earphones. A high output impedance is ok only with high impedance earphones, low impedance earphones will have the sound signature changed and you don't want that.

    The basic rule is, the ideal output impedance of an AMP is equal or less than 8 times less than the earphone. So, if you earphones have 32ohms, the ideal output impedance of the AMP should be the minimum of 32/8 = 4ohms

    He said that the a50 will have a output impedance of around 1ohm, wich is good.

    Hope it helps.
  9. Peib
    Thanks bro!! :)
  10. GirgleMirt
    how the F did I get this post so wrong...! It's the opposite to spoilered..
    So revisiting the impedance question, A30 outputs: 3.5mm = 30ohm, 6.35mm = 10ohm. Looking at my headphones, I was under the assumption that full sized headphones would almost automatically sound better on the 6.35mm than the 3.5mm given the increased power of the 6.35. Especially headphones which aren't that sensitive and require to use the gain switch because the +0dB isn't loud enough at max level, but looking at the specs of my headphones, it seems that basically all of them except the 990 would benefit from being plugged to the 3.5mm output!

    SR80 - 32 Ohm
    K550 32 ohms
    400i - 35 Ohms
    598 - 50 Ω
    Q701 - 62 ohms
    DT990 - 600 ohms

    From the manual:

    So yeah my quick impressions was that the 3.5mm sounded a tad bit smoother on the 400i, and I guess that it's supported by the specs & manual recommendations... So if you have a Topping, might seem strange but yeah 6.35 to 3.5mm adapter might give you a subtle/marginal improvement! Oh, and voltage switch set to Lo instead of high!

    It's also interesting to note that different headphones react differently to the amp's output impedance. For instance, as mentioned the 400i sounds a tad bit smoother / less harsh (subtle enough to question if it's placebo or real). But the AKG Q701 in contrast gets a significant bass boost from the 6.35mm output. Enough to change their tonal character from a tad bit bright/lean, to having a bit more bass than perfectly neutral. So yeah you might want to experiment and see which you prefer, might not even be the theoretical optimal output!
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
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  11. paulindss
    Received my hifimans he4xx together with my a30. The hi and lo switch changes absolutely nothing is sound.
  12. GirgleMirt
    I think it depends on your headphone and output jack. On my 400i on 6.35mm, I thought using hi added a subtle amount of low end. Maybe also with Q701... But anyway, rather subtle to the point where it could very well have been placebo, certainly if I had walked home one day and someone had changed the setting without me not knowing, I could not have told the difference...

    Using the correct 3.5mm output for headphone impedance makes a more noticeable difference. Not drastic, again somewhat subtle, but more noticeable. The only thing which sucks with that though is that some headphones, like the HD598, come with a 6.35 jack and need an adapter to fit 3.5mm, and the connector + adapter are >10cm long and just hang in the air in the front of the amp... So if I was to push down on it, I'm afraid it would rip the amp's socket... So definitely a potential danger.

    Not an issue with 400i because it's a 3.5 mm L connector, but yeah 6.35mm just seem more solid to me... Guess a minor A30 gripe, that it seems like most headphones are lower impedance and so would work better with the 3.5mm, but that the 3.5mm just feels less sturdy and is more than likely more prone to failing and wearing down over time... :/

    And btw how do you like the 4xx and A30?
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
  13. malazz123
    it's a no for me with HE 400/ HD 650 however my mdr1am2 / B&W P7 / ATH ws1100 sounds good with this dac - amp combo
    i think just a matter of preferrence or taste

    but if you don;t mind with the stereo sound for gaming / movie . YES !! this is a fun dac-amp combo

  14. Cleo Hoeger
    Hi, I can get the topping stack fairly easy in my region and I heard that you used to have a Schiit Fulla prior to this setup. I’d like to ask if it’s worth upgrading from the Fulla to this? Is the difference significant? I still think the Fulla does not power the hd6xx properly. If it’s not a significant upgrade I’d probably stick to the Fulla for a few years, and pick out a better combo.
  15. thebkt
    lol, that guy's long banned from responding. As mentioned earlier in the thread, I had the Topping stack for a while, and it served me well as an entry level option. Depending on your budget there are other options out there for a bit more money that can extract more out of your HD6xx. You'll certainly be able to power them with the A30 though!
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