(Topic closed) LQQing for a DAP that will fit my needs..? Under 450.
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Jan 11, 2020
Well I made my first purchase of Iems, the Peacock p1s. Got them for 90.00 so figured that would be a good starting point. Not a lot of reviews on them so, blind buy.

Now the difficult part because I want a lot in a player and to be honest it may not exist. Now some of this I’m new too so excuse the ignorance.

guidelines: under 450 only and something I don’t have to order from Japan and wait 2/3’weeks.

Must have good Bluetooth capability and good at that. It seems majority of the players I see reviews on, the reviewer complains that the Bluetooth drops connection etc.. Yes I understand wired blah blah, but that’s not always something I have the luxury of having.

Must be able to play majority of the content DSD etc...

more than 256gb of expandable storage

prefer balanced but not a must

playlists / album art

more of a neutral sounding device. I know the p1s I purchased aren’t exactly neutral from the reviews I’ve read but for future iems that I purchase I would like this.

Ability to get loud.. one of my issues is that most headphones and some iems I’ve tried never really were loud from my phone. I get it, it’s my phone but I’ve read a few reviews on players that just weren’t very audible.

I am leaning towards the m11 but wanted to check to see if there are any other preferred options out there.

thanks in advance
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So your more looking for a DAP (with DAC functions), then a DAC?

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