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Top IE triple drivers at the moment...

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  1. Syan25
    Please post your favorite IE triple drivers here - and please share the sound features of them...
  2. Photofan1986
    Easy, Earsonics SM3. Warm sound sig, very good bass (good decay and right amount of it), with almost dynamic driver qualities,  forward lower mids, slightly recessed higher mids, very detailed and subtle highs. Excellent instrument separation, imaging and very decent 3D soundstage.
  3. Pianist
    The best IEMs I've heard so far in order from best to worst (subjectively of course) are: 1) Shure SE530/SE535; 2) Ortofon e-Q7; 3) Earsonics SM3; 4) Hifiman RE0, Q-jays and Sleek Audio SA6. SE530 and 535 are the top for me - they provide the most natural and realistic sound of all the IEMs I've tried with effortless dynamics and a fantastic soundstage with no real flaws. Ortofon e-Q7 are the second best with a great combination of musicality, good detail (though not as good as on the Shures), a balanced frequency response and excellent bass quality. #3 for me is Earsonics SM3 - they are very detailed like SE530, but are lacking a bit in musicality tending to sound a little on the analytical side. They provide great treble quality, but the treble is a bit recessed for my liking. Finally, Q-jays is a fun sounding, very clear and detailed and a surprisingly accurate IEM, although tends to sound just a little compressed and lacking depth at times. RE0 is perhaps the most neutral IEM in regards to frequency response I've heard so far and also has excellent detail, but lacks a bit in dynamics and soundstage/imaging. And finally, the SA6 is an amazingly musical IEM with very warm, pleasant mids, an excellent tight bass and a very sweet, extended treble, but like the RE0, it lacks a bit in dynamic range and the soundstage is rather small and in-your-head sounding (although imaging is good).
  4. Spyro
    I still think the W3 is about as good as it gets.  It has a big soundstage, it has a big full sound, it has plenty of weight and body to the bass but is still able to exhibit tremendous treble detail energy.  Quite the feat IMHO.  Very efficient too (no amping required).
  5. Pianist

    I thought you liked SE535 more?
  6. Spyro


    It's a tough call.  My new GR10's are making the SE535 sound sort of bland....much like the UM3X with a larger soundstage.  I still think the W3's are a great IEM for being able to do just about everything.
  7. Sil3nce Moderator
    1.) Earsonics Sm3 2.) Senneheiser Ie8 3.) Westone Um3x 4.) Shure SE-535 5.) Fischer Dba-02
    6.) ath-ck10 7.) westone w3
  8. kameltow83
    ie8 is dynamic driver not triple driver
  9. JoeyRusso


    I agree.. they'll be the last IEM standing in my inventory soon....
  10. Thecoolguy
    triple fi's!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
  11. Trysaeder
    Wait, what? SM3 has treble that "is a bit recessed for my liking."?
    Well that kills both the SM3 and SE535...
  12. EraserXIV
    Pianist, how would you say the treble in the SE535 and the e-Q7 compare?
  13. mattering
    TF10's are nice for me...bass is not a really strong OOMPH like Westone 3's [which i much like btw [​IMG]] .. but the bass is there...treble for TF10's are really nice IMO...Westone 3's are awesome for every genre [​IMG]...but ever since i got involved in the world of custom IEMs....especially after trying out JH16/13/11/5....i can't really love them anymore since customs are AWESOME [​IMG]
  14. darknessproz
    i have tried both the TF10s and UM3X. I find the sound of the UM3X to appeal to me more, while the fit wins hands down. I sold my TF10s and got a UM3X.
  15. Syan25
    Thanks for sharing. I'm intending to buy a pair in a couple of months. I personally enjoy balanced / monitor like sound with a wide sound stage. I was thinking of the Shure SE535 but I could be swayed....
    Keep the posts coming if you have anything you'd recommend!
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