Top Five Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners On The Market
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Mar 27, 2019
Nowadays, the world is moving fast. Innovation is a continual process, and this includes many improved household devices. As we can see, recently, robot vacuums have been a trend when it comes to cleaning.

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Many people know these futuristic devices as a robovac. It is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner that integrates with IoT technologies, which includes smart programming and cleaning systems to clean the houses automatically.

The fact that no human assistance is needed is the most significant advantage of this kind of robot vacuum cleaner. Users schedule it to clean daily via wireless networks such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. this means the best robotic vacuum cleaner can be controlled remotely even when they aren’t home or at work.

There are many robot vacuums available on the market, from the low-price to the high-end options. Now you can have more suitable choices due to the completions between the race of robot vacuum cleaner reviews. For instance, if you own carpets or hardwood, or you are a pet owner, there’s a robot vacuum to meet your demand. Several models also come with tons of features, which can turn them into an efficient upright vacuum. If you desire a clean home when you come home from a long day at the office then choosing a robot vacuum with Wi-Fi connectivity is a great option. So what is the best robot vacuum? Here are some questions to consider as you decide which robot vacuums are best for you.

If you have a big house with many rooms...

Do not be fooled by the low price. You can search for the ideal ones by reading robot vacuum reviews. You should analyze how big your home before purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner. Various robot vacuums are suitable for spaces of 250 square meters, while other vacuums work better in a small are like single apartments. Hence, depending on the size of your house, you should analyze which robotic vacuum is the best.


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If you are a pet owner...

Today, many people see their pets as an essential member of their families. But we all know pet hair is a challenge to remove. In this case, compare robot vacuums in the same price category, you should consider which robot vacuum cleaners are designed to collect pet hair and are integrated with HEPA filter systems.

If you have carpets in the house...

There are several robot vacuum cleaner that can clean various types of surfaces such as hardwoods, rugs and bare floors. While some robot vacuums clean better on the carpet or hardwood floors.

If you are a workaholic...

With a busy worker, the arrangement mode and remote control such as app control, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity or camera control will help you live more conveniently. In the morning, you set a schedule for the robot vacuum before going to work. Then you can monitor it via the application on your mobile when you are at work or in public transportation.

The following lists are the best vacuum robots available on the market.

#1- ILIFE V5s


It comes with a skinny body so that it can reach underneath the sofa and other furniture. The run time can be longer than the manual says, it can work for more than 3 hours. Moreover, it can recharge itself when running out of battery. However, sometimes in the dark underneath, it can’t work.

It also has a strong power suction, even the cigarette butts can be hoovered up and junk can be picked up, leaving your house spotless. Although the machine can sweep the corner, the dust capacity bin and the water tank are divided. Hence, it needs to be manually replaced after cleaning the floor, which is a little troublesome. It also gets a high rating on many robotic vacuum cleaner reviews.

#2- iRobot Roomba 960


The Roomba 960 will help you clean every corner of your house, from upstairs to the living room, due to its compact size. It can clean actively and efficiently. The Roomba 960 can even clean thoroughly at the ash inside the carpet and under the bed. You can adjust the planned route quickly. It sweeps along the skirting effortlessly without hitting the wall. When crossing a threshold, the vacuum comes over quickly. It is versatile, which helps you save a lot of time time on cleaning activities.

In short, this is one of the best robot vacuum. If there is no power left in the battery, it can recharge itself. However, due to its powerful suction, it can be a little bit noisy.

#3- Xiaomi SDJQR01RR


This model gets the best rated robot vacuum tag for the Asian market, plus it is gorgeous! And it sweeps effectively, meaning it will remove all types of dirt such as potato chips, melon seed shells, and paper scraps. Despite the high noise level, the intelligence level ís very high. It can be scheduled via the mobile application, which is very convenient.

#4- SEEBEST C571


It comes with a disinfection function as well as the ability to clean and mop the floor. The big body integrates with the dust box to help you empty the dirt when it is full. Like other vacuum robots, it can recharge itself after it runs out of power. Maybe the most significant advantage of this vacuum cleaner is its low price.

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#5- Dyson 360Eye


When it comes to Dyson, the price is so high, which stops many consumers from considering it. However, this Dyson model has a super strong suction that can remove all types of dust quickly. After cleaning, it will return to charge automatically. And the appearance is so modern that it actually decorates your home.

Despite its big size, the level of intelligence is so amazing, and it will not hit its surroundings. Through the camera, you can see the cleaned map on your mobile phone and clean it daily.

I hope this review will help you choose the best robot vacuum cleaner for your family. If you want to get more information, you can read more robotic vacuum reviews on Amazon or eBay. Thanks for reading.
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