"Top audiophile experience" around 1000 bucks all included is it possible?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by richard51, Nov 11, 2017.
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  1. richard51
    ok thanks...It is linked to what I call depth imaging, and in general it is more easier to have that with good speakers...I have it with the Akg but not so holographically with my other headphones...
  2. SilverEars
    Of course, imaging is done better with speakers. But, headphones can be quite different if you hear various kinds. My HE1000's is different in how depth is presented, when the recording has depth, it gets exaggerated a bit(well at at least in comparison to the typical), and iems can flatten the recording's depth even-though you can get that wide sounding feel with certain ones(but, not to the degree of full sized open back headphones). HE1000 is the largest, spaciest headphone I have ever heard. I like it a lot. This thing has huge earcups. I've heard that it's close to electrostat without it being one, and it has very very thin diaphragm, and people probably think it's like electrostats due to it's speed. It's fast.
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  3. richard51
    I dont have experience with the iems at all, and not with the HE 1000, and I dont doubt that this is an extraordinary headphone, one of the best, if I remember all that I have read about... Merry Christmas SilverEars...
  4. SilverEars
    Merrry Christmas to you all as well. Headphones are fun. :smile_phones:
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  5. richard51
    For those of you that have their different audio links placed near one another on their desk like me, so-called near-field listening(amplifier,dac,speakers,li-battery) I recommend that you isolate them not only against mechanical vibrations, but also shield them from one another....My amplifier internal transfo is 6 inches near my li-battery and dac, I decide to put up an aluminium wall (ordinary alu paper< update:but an aluminium plate for cake, more thicker, seems to convey better results>) between them and "shield" the battery from the dac also with this alu.paper(yes I know that aluminium scientifically speaking does not shield from an electro- magnetic field).... The results are astonishing, in the speakers and headphones , higher frequencies more extended and cleaned+more definite bass...Cost= fraction of one bucks... This new experiment come at the exact moment where I was enjoying much what I have devised during this last year, morality: there is no end in sight:ksc75smile: I wish the best for all of you ....

    I dont know who said that NOS dac roll-off treble, and at 65 years old my ears were not trustful for battle over this argument, but I can vouch that the treble extension is pure musicality and more than ever in my speakers and AKG K 340...Bliss for Christmas, but my wife look for a psychiatrist to intern me, she dont trust medication for a long term solution ...:ksc75smile:
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  6. TWerk

    Yeah... I think a lot of it is problems with my room. I know speakers could sound really great, just judging through my car speakers, which I think sound awesome. I would be very happy if I could replicate the way they sound and image in my room, but unwilling to go through more experimentation being speakers are expensive to buy and send back etc and also getting the room corrected for whatever is the cause of the sub par performance. FWIW I did play around a lot with placement of the JBL's and I could see it sounded noticeably better with certain positioning, but in the end it just wasn't there.

    Headphones are great cause they (generally speaking) offer a rather consistent experience. If I hear an HD600 and you hear one, we can reasonably expect we are hearing the same thing, not something which is dramatically affected by the room it's in, positioning, bass reverberation due to wall, etc. Although certainly even headphones vary depending on positioning on your head and in relation to the ears. Sometimes a small shift on the head or resizing the band can make an improvement. But as a general package, headphones I think are the less picky of the two.

    I'm lucky I stumbled upon the Ultrasone P900 some 5 years back, still I love the way they play music. I've spent a lot of money and time trying to find something "better" but these have proven be some of my favorites, period.

    Merry Christmas, guys!
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  7. richard51
    The title of this thread may seems provocative,perhaps ridiculous, to some people in possession of costly and very high-end products...In no way I want by this title imply that it was not necessary to spend some money at the end to enjoy a Top Audiophile Experience... But i have always be clear about the relation between the double bias zone and the diminishing return zone...That's imply some relatively high degree of a T.A.E is possible with relatively low investments and for sure wise choice of products and simple implementation methods...

    I will give to you an example: i stumble some weeks ago on a review of costly dacs comparison, with many description of the differences with many cd...I was astounded, after listening to some of the same cd, to retrieve a great part of the subjective impressions of the reviewer comparing the different dacs when listening mine(a way lower cost) and my subjective impression is that I was nearest to the better dac in S.Q., way more than the cheapest one....The decisive factor or explaining factor is not that my cheap NOS dac is exactly on par with a dac that cost many,many times more(100 times more); no , my dac is good yes ,but it is only in my cleaned system that my dac is relatively near a top one that on the other end is used itself certainly in a non cleaned electrical grid, perhaps in a non treated room, and probably whitout any serious measure against vibrations in each link....I will not give infos about these specific dacs, because I dont want to give the impression of bashing high end products versus mine,they are better than mine but certainly by a way thinner margin than people think, my goal now is to inform some people that want to listen to it that a cleaned audio grid, a damped system, give more upgrading effect that people think...

    The only thing that I have understood and verified in these years in reading forums, by my experiments, is that no products, nevermind the cost, reach his optimal sonic potential without any modifications, right out of the box , NONE...This is a secret no manufacturer can seriously give without implying that his product,sometimes costly, are not perfect right out of the box...People pay for a perfect product, without troubling themselves with the necessity to think and experiment for an optimal installation and linkage of these treated products in the cleaned environment of their house...I was like that, but without the money to buy my dreamed hyped product,i had no choice than to deal with more cheaper one or vintage one, and thinking about the best way to reach satisfaction with their optimal installation to reach musical bliss...
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  8. richard51
    Another example of the necessity of cleaning the line methods, and damping methods, and of modifications in general about audio gear.... One of the most known reviewer of headphones does not think very good things about the AKG K 340 headphones...He listen to them like they are,right out of the box, without mods,with a system embedded in a non cleaned electrical grid system, with probably no damping methods, guess what: he says they are defective on many counts...What he said is partly true for an unmodded akg K 340, non damped one, in a non cleaned electrical grid...In fact he does not listen to the same AKG than me...

    All that he said is contradict by my experience, my K340 mods, installed in a cleaned system, damped and modified are so good that my beloved Stax SR-5 and hifiman HE 400, does not even compare....The AKG K 340 are so good now that any upgrade under 1000 is ridiculous and they probably are one of the most extraordinary cans there is with reproducing voices and a depth imaging power akin to speakers...

    By the way the review of this known reviewer are like all the reviews here on almost all threads, at best indicative and not always very useful, only more and more temptations to reduce insatisfaction by impulse buying, but the guy only do his job, and I must say in an outstanding way,i listen to him always with interest, my point were not to bash the reviewer, but to explain how a good product may become a true TOTL one by simple mods and right embedding methods... I tried in this thread to suggest effective way to upgrade at low cost the good elements you already owns... And I appeal to all possible suggestions from helping others...For the sake of all of us....The solution to reach bliss cannot be to simply buy without thinking....

    For me the most important factor in audio and cure to insatisfaction is not buying a new costly toy, changing because of insatisfaction to the flavor of the day, NO , the most important factors for a T.A.E. in audio at low costs, consist of simple modifications appropriate to each one of your gear, damping methods, cleaning the electrical line,and buying the TOTL of the past...That is my solution to the title of this thread.... What are yours?
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  9. richard51
    If you look at this thread(see link below), you will see why my observations and suggestions about cleaning the electrical line, damping each one audio link, isolating them, and treating them with stones and particular modifications proper to each of them, particularly speakers and headphones, are not very popular... People prefer to buy and install right out of the box solutions, even pro-reviewers, it seems selling and buying products is more important than the top audiophile experience that one may enjoy at low costs....Few posters photos in this thread below indicate or reveal little if no real interest in any, even in minimal damping solutions, and when there is one it is very minimalistic :


    I know for a fact if I ever post there photos of my actual system i will be mocked ...But me i want first Top audiophile experience and i have it now, not a beautiful line up...It is possible to have the 2 for sure,but i cannot myself (said my wife)...:ksc75smile:

    There is NO comparison between all my audio links right out off the box in a nude state and treated, NONE...It is the main reason I trust no reviews anymore,not because the different subjectivities of the reviewers(this is an advantage because different subjectivities permit you to relativize all observations),but because in my experience there is no comparison between the same product treated and non treated, and immerged in a clean electrical grid or not...NONE at all...Then we must decide if we prefer to speak about selling products and buying them,or install the conditions necessary to a T.A.E. and great S.Q. at a reasonable cost....

    As an example condider the first photo in the first post of this thread,by a member of the trade it seems:


    All the audio links are put in a bunch mass , without ANY precautions to damp and isolate, we are in for a hard and long road here if we want to convince this guy to treat the electrical grid where this non damped and non properly isolated mass of audio products are throwed off...:ksc75smile: For sure my wife prefer this line up to mine she said...

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  10. SilverEars
    Something that really baffles me or cannot grasp is why is Chord Mojo sounding the best of out of all I've sourced to my powered near-field monitors, the LSR305. I wish I had an understanding of what is really at play.

    With these, if you want to hear more articulation(at a distance), you'd have to keep the treble boost minimum at 0dB(+2 is too much IMO). I keep the low frequency gain to +2dB for obvious reasons.
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  11. richard51
    I think that except for the necessity to treat vibrations and clean the electrical grid, the synergetic effect of different pieces of gear is way understated all over audio forums...Perhaps this Mojo with your JBL is a case of exceptional synergy... I think so because the judge is our ears....
  12. Music Alchemist
    Chord fanboy checking in. I can explain some of it. (For those who have already seen my or others' posts about this, I apologize for the redundancy.)

    Firstly, even the cheapest electronics can measure as a straight line, having a practically perfectly neutral frequency response, with deviations of a tenth of a decibel or so. So the FR itself isn't what accounts for these differences, though other factors can alter your perceived tonal balance.

    Many things set Chord DACs apart, including:

    • Timing accuracy thousands of times more precise than all other DACs
    • Noise shaping trillions of times more advanced than all other DACs
    • Zero noise floor modulation (unlike all other DACs)
    • Immune to jitter (unlike all other DACs)
    • The amplification is in the DAC's analog output stage and is cleaner than even the line outs of conventional DACs, resulting in potentially higher transparency and enabling one to drive headphones and some sensitive passive speakers directly from it, as well as giving you the ability to use it as a digital preamp
    • Ultra-low distortion
    • Very low output impedance
    • High dynamic range

    There's more to it, but that's the gist of it.
  13. SilverEars
    Can you stop shilling Chord stuff?!
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  14. Music Alchemist
    But you said, "I wish I had an understanding of what is really at play." What information did you want, if not that?
  15. SilverEars
    I've been reading a lot of your posts and you are really shilling chord stuff.
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