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Top 5 daps or more

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by gazzington, Dec 11, 2018.
  1. gazzington
    Not sure if it’s already been done, but how about lists of your top daps that you’ve owned.
    1. Ak se100 - amazing ui, amazing sound
    2. Sony wm1a - very neutral and just great ui
    3. Calyx m - for sound only my favourite dap but it is sluggish and battery life is poor.
    4. Cayin n5ii - nice sound and UI.
    5. Ibasso dx150/200 - I like both but ended up selling both. UI sluggish. Amp 8 is awesome though
    6. Shanling m0 - lovely sound but screen a bit small for me.
    7. Fiio x5iii - nice warm sound and I've owned it twice but also sold it twice. Miss it though.
    8. Hiby R3 and r6 - again liked both but the sound wasn't for me.
    Now I want to try a lotoo and maybe fiio x7ii....
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  2. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Cayin N8 the tubes...like vinyl, analogue warm heaven.
    Calyx-M crippled un crowned king
    Sony WM1Z The original converter and a warm N8 like sound
    Sony WM1A Same excellent resolution as WM1Z with neutral presentation
    A&K SE100 Great sound. Best User interface by a mile.

    Slap the N8 tubes under a A&K U.I. and add the DSP chip in the Lotoo and murder em all
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  3. gazzington
    The cayin n8 sounds like my ideal dap to be honest. Maybe if they lower in price.....

    Ha, your description of the calyx is perfect. Sound wise it’s my favourite dap, I use at home in the evenings to unwind
  4. Signal2Noise

    1. AR-M2
    2. ZX300
    3. DX200/AMP8
    4. N5ii
    5. XDP-100R
    6. R6
    7. X5iii
    8. Zune HD
    9. M0
    10. iPod Classic 160

    I would like to try the Calyx M. Almost bought one recently still at retail less $100 but vendor warned me about the shoddy battery life. Maybe there'll be a M2?
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018

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