Top 3 favorite bands?
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1. Evermore (Australian/NZ band, most of you guys probably haven't heard of them).
2. Radiohead
3. Muse.
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hard to say. the only 2 bands that have perfect albums in my book are the Grateful Dead and Television. close seconds would be Talking Heads, The Beatles, Nirvana, The Pixies, The Smiths, Suede, etc.

edit: forgot about In The Court of the Crimson King; i would say that one is all 5 stars. so that would mean, going by the numbers, Grateful Dead, Television, and King Crimson. but in the end i probably get more enjoyment from slightly less than perfect albums and overall discographies so i don't know how i would answer heh.
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To narrow it down to the top three, it would have to be someone who's music I'd buy without hesitation and be someone I would travel across the world to see.

J J Cale
Massive Attack
Jah Wobble
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The Beatles
The Dead
Dylan (and company i.e. The Band & The Byrds)

I know, I cheated with five, but Dylans work sometimes sounded better when others preformed it.

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