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Top 10 best (or is it worst?) reasons to justify emptying your wallet to get the LCD-3s.

Discussion in 'Currawong' started by currawong, Nov 19, 2011.
  1. Currawong Contributor
    1. They aren't as expensive as Sony R-10s, which cost $5-6000 second hand.
    2. They aren't as expensive as Stax SR-009s, which are around $5000 outside Japan.
    3. You have LCD-2s, so it's only $1k more.
    4. The diaphragm is 6x lighter than the LCD-2's, but the headphones are only 2x the cost.
    5. Zebrawood!
    6. Norse and Q "shoelace" cables as well as ALO's 16-wire really match the new wood nicely.
    7. <1ms decay in the treble without ringing on waterfall plots, whatever the heck that means.
    8. Something about creamy from someone who is never being allowed a custom title ever again.*
    9. If you were drunk, you'd think they sounded like Omega IIs.**
    10. Jude, Skylab and Tyll all love them, so they have to be good.
    I hope you enjoyed my lousy attempt at taking the piss out of the forums. :)
    * googlei will kill me for this, but I couldn't resist.
    ** See Asr's review of the LCD-2s.
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  2. YoengJyh


    What you meant of the Number 4? What is the meaning of diaphragm in sound?
  3. Currawong Contributor
    Very very roughly, a lighter diaphragm = able to move faster = potentially more detail from the music can be re-produced. #4 isn't meant to be taken seriously.
  4. Austin Morrow


    Is that a guaranteed "They have to be good"? [​IMG]
  5. Smeckles


    1. Because spending $1500 on a power cord - sorry, "current delivery system", isn't enough of a sign that I should have my credit cards taken away.
    2. There are other brands of headphones for sale?
    3. It may be a few years before their product model numbers "go to eleven", so I may as well get in now.
    4. I've been exercising my neck by lifting small herd animals with my head, so I think I'm finally ready.
    5.http://www.analogueseduction.net/pub/files/Headphones/1275121235_sievekingsoundwebsite4.jpg  I need something to hang on my zebrawood stand.
    6. The copper thieves in town all have copies of my house key already, because I got tired of replacing windows, and new headphones and cables are an excuse of "giving back to the community for the holidays"
    7. If the studio engineer didn't edit out that burp, then I must hear it as clearly as possible. In lossless.
    8. I need headphone with a more neutral name, because when I tell non-head-fi people "my Liquid Fire is coming", they think I'm of questionable morals.
    9. When I'm drunk, they have me forgetting that I've had one song on repeat for the last 45 minutes and the neighbors are getting tired of my falsetto at the end of "Somebody To Love".
    10. Hip hype of hyper hipsters has me hoping helplessly.
  6. DarknightDK
    Spend $1,000 more on the LCD-3 so you can get the "what if.." out of your head.
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  7. zoqi
    #1 Because you can. 
  8. Mambosenior

    Hey man, thanks. LMAO!
  9. Kernmac
    The top 10 Reasons for justifying the purchase of an LCD3
    10.  I just got $2,000 worth of accessories free with my new car, so it is the car seller that is buying the LCD3 for me; I’m simply paying for the car accessories.
    9.  It cost nearly $6,000 for braces for one of my children, so a third of that for listening heaven, is a bargain.
    8.  It is cheaper than our LED 3D television, and I spend more time listening to music than watching the box.
    7.  We live in an obese society, so cutting a meal a day from the family will not only recoup the cost of the LCD3 but stop my kids putting on excess weight.
    6.  We are going to stop wasting money by not heating or cooling our house for two years-(harden up).
    5.  Sending money to staving kids in far-away countries only encourages them to live and reproduce, thus exacerbating the original problem.
    4.  My hearing will decrease as I age, so I may as well spend the money on fine sound equipment NOW.
    3.  A holiday away only lasts for a couple of weeks; a pair of LCD3s will last much longer than that.
    2.  Do you know how much diamond eternity rings cost, and what possible purpose do they serve?
    1.  Staying married is over-rated anyway
  10. Negakinu


    Gold. [​IMG]
  11. trentino
    Haha, an awesome read. I have yet to convince myself regarding the LCD-3.

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