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Tool - Fear Inoculum

Discussion in 'Music' started by mcmurray, Aug 30, 2019.
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  1. John2e Contributor
    Why do you believe this ? I hope you are wrong

  2. turbomustang84

    Oh how I wish I could hear it on that legendary Headphone....
    Bucket list I'm likely never to achieve
  3. turbomustang84
    More a feeling than anything else but after a post by Adam stating they are not done I could be wrong .

    There is a rumour that they already have another album of material but we will see .

    It amazes me that Danny is only a year younger than me and he seems to be at the top of his game .

    There is no way I could come close to his stamina at 59
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  4. turbomustang84

    This is what's floating around....

    I would take this with a bit of skepticism....
    But it is Tool so who knows ?
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
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  5. turbomustang84
    I've listened to it on every Headphone I own and because of the way my HD-650 and HD-6XX bring the vocals into focus it works perfectly with Fear Inoculum.

    The Hifiman HE-4XX is very good for the soundstage it creates also.
  6. mcmurray
    Where did you find this? Need more info dude.
  7. CoryGillmore
    I believe it's a Reddit post. No source, no nothing. I'll believe when I see it and I don't believe this screen shotted post that's been floating around.
  8. turbomustang84
    It has been on several Tool and mjk groups but I don't personally put too much stock in it .
  9. phthora
    I don't buy it. The "completing the pattern of 7" thing sounds bogus to me. Assuming the logic is correct, it would be much more likely that 6 would be the final number, fitting with Danny Carey's emphasis on the unicursal hexagram as inspiration in his drumming. In that case, Fear completes the pattern, especially considering how crucial and central the drumming is on this album to the overall music.

    Of course, that is assuming the logic is correct in the first place.
  10. Redcarmoose
    Listening now. I’m not really a Tool fan? But after listening It’s both accessible and has aspect that I think repeat listens will enhance. Pneuma is both a complete together flowing song encompassed unto itself, yet it’s somehow twirling and multifaceted.......changing but staying a song. I like the heavy break at 3.19 which then rejoins again with the simplistic skeleton like guitar riff. Each transition sounds natural and correct though it’s not exactly repeated. Just many instruments which are dovetailed........that when they get focused on, you wonder if they were actually part of the background.......part of the underlying song structure? Maybe those adds like the little synth accent at 8.04 are new......are they? ........... It’s a way to make instrument introductions seem new but go so well it almost sounds like they arose from the background? The song is going into a more focused direction by 10.00 being the apex........Yes!

    There is a slight psychedelic tinge here....slightly..........a tinge?

    Yet these movements are all so well played out like a story. A story that’s actually maybe more complex than what can be taken in on one listen? So you play the song over and the cycle rotation starts again but on second listen it’s more of a known sequence. That skeleton guitar starts again but this time you know it, recognize it for it’s importance, yet it has a slight improvisation at the tail.........the first time I didn’t notice the improvisation........and there are a lot of different vocal ideas. More ideas than what I noticed on first listen. The drum sound is so tight and has little accents too......the drums stop..... they stop only for the absence to be known..............gone...... only to give room for this bass as now hand played drums are in-charge of percussion. Not knowing Tool I’m going to guess this may be a formula? Maybe.....maybe not? What ever the underlying approach it’s done just right. Though I guess I know this formula and will look for a version of it again. Now the lead guitar part became noticeable? So short right near the end. Maybe the shortest lead of any song.... like an afterthought? Though come to think about it, they could have sprinkled the song with that little lead guitar.....but they didn’t? Maybe it’s there?

    Walkman 1Z/ Noble K-10 Encore: 96kHz-24bit
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019
  11. turbomustang84
    You sound like a tool fan....
    Minus the completely psychotic devotion....
    That comes later
  12. turbomustang84
    There are 4 variants in cover design and I got one today and it's the Danny version and I'm not sure what tomorrow's will be.

    Which variant did you guy's get?
    IMG_20190904_115316207_PORTRAIT.jpg l87utamrhgj31.png
  13. CoryGillmore
    This is my 1000th post. I have officially ascended. I'd like to thank my dad for having bad pullout game. My mom for always being there. Maynard James Keenan for Tool.

    Basically if you don't have 1000 posts don't even speak to me bro. I got no time for low post peasants.
  14. turbomustang84
    Since it took me 9 1/2 years to reach 500 I'll be dead before I reach your prestigious status lol
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  15. CoryGillmore
    It's easy for me since I've got a lot of nothing to say LMAO.

    So out of your collection, which of your headphones do you most enjoy with the new album? For me it's the Sendy Aiva! That thing with the updated pads CRUSHES the new album. I usually love my IER-M9 with everything Tool but for FI I definitely prefer the Aiva. You?
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