Tonewin HD19 cd player review continued
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Jul 1, 2008
Music played includes female vocals, dense dance or rap music, bluegrass, rock etc. The solid state output works really well for everything.
Vocals seems to have a good, clear, open quality. Drums and percussion have great attack. Dance music retains the quick sense of timing that makes it work. The player seems to have a nice balance between low, mid, and high frequencies.
As an experiment, I played Eminem's "Lose Yourself" using the tube output. As you may have guessed, it was a dissapointment compared to the sound using the solid state output. The drums and bass lost much of the fast, sharp attack needed to get the musics momentum across. Switching back to the other output made for a much better sound.
To sum up I will use a brief Pros and Cons list.

PROS: Great value for the $
Solid state output provides detailed, open and fast sound
Decent fit and finish (see below)
HDCD decoding

CONS: Player does not include ability to program tracks
One of the support feet shorter than the others
Fairly long time to initialize disc

Overall this is proving to be great player and another option at the $500.00 price point. I plan on keeping this unit and enjoying it for a long time. I will be bringing this to the meet in NJ on July, 26 2008. Come check it out!

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