Tokyo International Audio show 09
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Jul 11, 2005
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Jul 11, 2005
We had a big audio show in Tokyo during this past weekend. This show is mainly focused on import gears (to us) and some domestic gears as well.
Here are some of the topics.


LINN revealed a new DS line SEKRIT DS-I that is close to the existing Sneaky DS regarding the price.
But DS-I is more focused on amplifier than digital source component. This clear concept will be welcomed by consumer I think. DS-I accept network client as a digital input.
Sounded nice for the price(250000 JPY) and the size. Though DS-I is a digital amp(70W/ch), I did not feel much digital harshness from the sound. This is a virtue of LINN product.

Boulder 1021 Disk player

I think this is a similar disk player to PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport.
1021 will not directory read the data from the disk, instead 1021 rip the data into the buffer and 1021 re-clock the data in the buffer then send them out as a digital stream.
However, the price range is drastically different. This would be 3250000 JPY.

Wadia 121 DAC

A good mate to iTransport. A built-in headphone amp is planned to release.

Digital Domain B-9

This is a compact power amp. In the picture the tiny one is B-9 which is a sibling to the larger B-1.
B-9 is a compact and budget (125000 JPY) amp, but B-9 can be worked in a BTL mode. That is, by consolidating two B-9s together, you can use them as a hi-end stereo amp.
In fact they sounded very nice.

Looks like the digital components stormed the audio world, but another surprising news comes from the vacuum tube technology.
Takatsuki-denki company announced the production of 300B. Yes this is the live vacuum tube production that is made in Japan. Almost 35 years has past since the last tube production here.

The price will be 80000JPY for a pair.
This is a interesting move against the digital wave, but on the other hand I think the tube shines with the digital components that can be sounded hard and harsh.
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