Tokyo headphones show 09 fall
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Jul 11, 2005
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Jul 11, 2005
Japanese headphones show in Tokyo will take place on October 31 (Saturday).
No reservation is required, free of charge.

This time, Bayerdynamic to reveal their flagship T1 at the show.
New FOSTEX high-end headphones will be another highlight of the show.
Shure to bring their new headphones, this is new to Japan. Audio techinica to display their new lineups.
Also Jaben network from Singapore and Rudistor audio from Italy will join in.
Many more to come.
My sixth sense tell you there would be some surprises

I will have my personal booth and I will bring Head Direct HE5 and Hifiman HM801 as well as HD800 with piccolino balanced cable/Headroom desktop balanced/iTransport with Neutron-star mod. The name of my booth is "Music To Go".

Time: Oct 31(Sat), 11:00-17:00

Place: Nakano Sun-Plaza hotel, Tokyo. 15th floor.

The nearest station is JR Nakano station. (JR: Japan Rail)
Take orange or yellow colored JR train from Shinjyuku station for Kudari direction. Kudari means downward(away) from the heart of Tokyo.
The orange train stops at limited stations and the next station is Nakano, this is faster.
The yellow train stops at every station and the third station is Nakano. (for yellow train , there is a station which name is higashi-nakano(east-Nakano), be careful)
You can also take subway, blue colored Toh-zai line(East-west line), get off at Nakano and this station is shared with JR.
In either, take the north exit of Nakano station and turn immediately to the right, then you will see a tall white building, that is the Nakano Sun-Plaza. Enter from the front entrance and proceed to the right, there are elevators to bring you up, get off at 15th floor.
All the 15th floor is dedicated to the show. Here is the floor plan.

Here is the link to the official page.(Japanese page)

Here is the link to video links of the show 09 Spring, have a look to get the idea of the show.
But I am not sure if this beauty reporter will come again

This is a trade show rather, but local headphone fans will get togeather. There is a networking area at the lobby.
Come and join us!
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