Tokyo Headphone audiofest 2010 fall
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Jul 11, 2005
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Jul 11, 2005
We will hold headphone dedicated audiofest on Oct 30.
Time: 30th Oct, AM 11:00 - 18:00.
Place: Aoyama Stadium Place. - *NOTE this time we moved
Nearest railroad station is Tokyo-Metro subway Ginza-line Gaien-mae station (G03). All the subway stations are uniquely numbered like G03 and this is much easier to remember for foreigners. Take yellow colored subway train and find G03 station in the subway map. Just five minutes walk from the G03 station. be careful, Tokyo Metro network is fairly complex.
Here is a access map for the conference center. 
Now we have much larger space than before. It would be an impressive trade show for headphone dedicated event. Here is a floor key.
We have main rooms on the 7F floor. I will be in the center room and the booth is numbered 4 named "Music to go". I will bring Audiophilleo USB DDC and my own edition 10
Yes I bought it. , come by please to try.
No5 booth is Jaben/Rudistor, No6 is CEntrance. This time you can buy goods directory from them.
There is a networking area too where Japanese headphone fans get together. It's a nice idea to arrange head-fi meet there, but I am so busy for the show and I can not be a host sorry about this.
We also have two additional rooms on 8F. One is dedicated to computer audio event that is hosted by Japanese audio magazine "Audio Basic". I sometimes write article for the magazine. Some seminars by professional audio reviewers are expected.
The other side is hosted by Major distributor Kanjitsu-Denki and you can find STAX
Speaking of the highlight of the show, as you may already know new STAX flagship (O3?) could be there. Here is a picture of the coming new STAX flagship on Fujiya blog. It will be out around the next Spring and would be priced almost $3000 - $5000.
Fostex would bring improved portable gear. SONY has newly entered. Ultrasone edition 10 must be exhibited and much much more.
Come and join us! 
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