Tokyo 2012 Headphone Festival Fujiya Avic
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Jan 3, 2006
ALO will be exhibiting again this spring at this years Tokyo Fujiya Avic headphone festival, hope to see you there.

Ken at ALO audio.
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Looking forward to hearing The National

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Hi Expatin, 
The show is not like a shows in the states, there are no sales I am aware of AT the show. However our distributor in Japan who is hosting us at the show should have units by then or shortly after. 
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I feel like going to this but don't know the first thing about Tokyo...
What's the address of the venue, and is there a specific hotel nearby anyone would recommend?  I'm not kidding, I just finished a particularly stressful semester and will totally buy last-minute plane tickets out there.
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Here is some infos
Subway map
location directions from a good post
Please note that the directions in the google map takes you to the back of the building, so you actually go past it on that map.
I took a screen shot of the entrance, I went in through these doors last time.

Its super easy to get around in Tokyo via subway. When you get into the subway station you just buy the fare from a machine, look for the "English" button on the screen, touch it and it will change everything into english and you can buy the correct fare. 
iPhone users! please read.
Hope you can make it.
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The worlds most awesome headphone show, amazing. Sorry did not take many photos..

The front door

Michael (Centrance) Caleb (ALO)

Mixwave table

Mk3 and DX100?




RWA in the house

ALO table

View from our hotel.
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