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Todd and Pete Chat thread open 10am to 12 noon MST 9/13/12!

Discussion in 'TTVJ Premier Sponsor Forum' started by todd, Sep 13, 2012.
  1. Todd Contributor
    HI All,
    At 10 am MST we will be here to talk and answer your questions about Apex High Fi Audio! We look forward to the talk!!! You can also call us at 406-285-3910
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  2. nicklotr
    Hi Todd,
    I have a few queries regarding a P/V purchase. 
    1. I am intending to to purchase the peak/volcano and ship to Singapore, from which I will hand carry/check it in into a flight heading to the UK. Will there be any problems with voltage using the peak/volcano in the UK? All i need is a power adapter right?
     2. Also I am not intending to open the package you will send till i arrive in the UK, hence do you think the packaging will be suitable for the journey there? Is it like the hard case you used for the loaners program you did a while ago? Is it light and easy enough to hand carry or if I check it in, will I risk damaging the amp?
    2. Cables-- I'm intending to purchase a set of blue jeans cables for the rig. Do you think it's good enough? Or are there any good performance-to-price cable makers in the US/UK you recommend?
    3. Tubes-- Probably the most popular tube for the peak on headfi is the sylvania bad boy. I'm thinking of getting those onaudiotubes.com. Do you think they are reliable? 
    Thanks for your advice!
  3. Todd Contributor
    HI nicklotr,
    The voltage is easily changeable on the Volcano so there will be no problem. They are usually set to 110v but it is VERY simple to change it with a switch in the rear panel of the Volcano. If you remind us we can set it before we ship it...
    The Peak and Volcano come in boxes and are very well packed and will make the trip to you in Singapore as well as you carrying it back to the UK. The hard case for the Peak and Volcano is around $400-$500 bucks and weighs a LOT! The boxes they ship in are very protective and sturdy and will work just as well.
    Those cables will work very well. I like the DiMarzio M-Path cable for a budget cable and The CablePro makes some very good cables that are priced right too.
    The Bad Boy tube comes with my highest recommendation! It is what I use in my Peak. You may want to pick up some other tubes as well - each tube will change the amp so you can have a varitey of sounds simply by changing the one 6SN7 tube.
    The Peak and Volcano are in stock and ready to ship!
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