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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by jdimitri, Jul 22, 2007.
  1. jdimitri
    Traded my hornet for his tomahawk a while ago
    Went well, shipped promptly, great communication

    Thanks a lot!
  2. NoXter
    Bought the triple.fi from tk3. Great communication, fast shipment, triple.fi arrived as described.
    As good as it gets!
  3. Lyylyn
    Just bought a Hornet from tk3. Very fast to answer, always clear and detailed.

    Shipping was real fast and transaction went very smooth.

    Thanks !
  4. MuseMan
    Purchased Suikoden II - every part of the sale went smoothly.

    Thanks. [​IMG]
  5. [AK]Zip Contributor
    Had me recable his W5000's. He also ordered an IC. He was very easy to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Enjoy your new setup.

  6. mobettermusic
    I've purchased AT HA5000 headphone amp from TK3. Friendly chap. Smooth transaction. Goods carefully packaged and delivered in good time. I hope to do business with you again...
  7. Peer
    Purchased Meier Corda Aria from TK3.

    Mint condition, ultra fast shipping, smooth contact[​IMG]
  8. nick20
    I sold tk3 one of my extra power cables.

    He payed promtly, communicated well, and get's my highest recommendations. [​IMG]

  9. Zorander Contributor
    I sold a pair of modded AKG K340 to tk3. He paid promptly and communicated well. An overall very easy and smooth transaction.

    Looking forward to the next trade. Cheers!
  10. plainsong
    I recently sold my 250ohm dt990s to tk3, and he couldn't have been a better buyer. Friendly, knew what he wanted, quick payment. Deal with tk3 with confidence! Awesome Headfier! [​IMG]
    I purchased a pair of modded AKG K340 from tk3.

    Smooth contact, fast shipping, mint condition.

    Thank's a lot [​IMG]

  12. JimP
    sold my RS1 - friendly, easy, fast transaction!
  13. Aethelred
    Just bought from tk3 DAC CEC - DA53 .
    Highly recommended Head-fier. Fast transaction, good communication.
  14. Koolind
    Bought a pair of DT990's from tk3. Actually in better condition than he said.
    Good communication and fast shipping.
  15. Tom Drinkwater
    I bought tk3's ibasso P1 and Ety ER4S.

    He communicated well, was informative about the equipment and also other useful info (comparing the ER4S to his livewires)

    he shipped promptly and packed the gear well, and it was exactly as described.

    I can recommend him as a seller!

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