Tips, Tricks and Recommendations for the Headphones enthusiast (UPDATED)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by paconavarro, Sep 6, 2011.
  1. paconavarro

    I'd like to start a list of recommendations, tips or tricks for taking care, operate or live with your headphones and related equipment. It doesn't matter if you are a newcomer or a uber-high-end-audiophile, there is always a good tip to share.
    Since this could be a cross topic post I'm submitting here since everybody owns at least a pair of HPs, but you can talk about IEMs, AMP, DACs, Tubes, cables, furniture….
    Let me begin with some of examples and feel free to elaborate as much as you want.
    - Keep your ears clean: go with a doctor to check them out, if you're like me with solid earwax, you should go every 6 months for a nice cleaning.
    - Be sure to turn the volume all the way down when plugging your headphones to your amp. Turn the volume down before shutting down the amp and you'll never have a surprise.
    - Keep your HP in a case, bag or stand, sounds stupid but you can save them from a lot of unwanted outcomes.
    - Use a no-break UPS for all your equipments.
    Happy posting :)
  2. MalVeauX
    Don't sit on them.
    Don't let others sit on them.
    Don't let pets use them as toys.
    Don't spill food or drink on them.
    Don't let children use them as toys.
    Don't wheel over the cords with your chair.
    Don't let the cords get snatched by a branch or obstacle.
    This can be solved, mostly, by keeping them on your head at all times.
    Very best,
  3. koolkat
    Hang them up when not in use.
    Never put weight on the headphones.
    If the headphones are collapsible, collapse when not in use.
    Never put them under direct sunlight or warm places.
  4. Eric_C
    Learn how to coil the cable properly.
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  5. acenima
    Don't leave them on the ground :p (like me)
  6. Willakan
    Buy dust covers for the earpieces when not in use? Honestly, if you simply treat headphones with reasonable care I don't think much is required that isn't self-explanatory.
  7. lovleylady
    Nice initiative  paconavarro
    For some obvious but actually some miss(I did):
    Adjust your headband, extension and clamp.
    Adjust placement on/around/(in) ears. (in for IEM)
    By adjust I mean really experiment with different settings.
    This can make a huge difference on both sound and comfort.
    I use "dust cover" for my Grados when not using.
  8. paconavarro
    . I keep a small pillow a bit smaller than the size of my head so I can lay down in the bed with the headphones without them touching the mattress, my head is not that big.
    . If you live in a hot town try to get velour pads for your HP, pleather or leather pads WILL make you sweat specially if you have closed cans
    . Long cable + armrest in your chair is a bad combination, try to be aware of where your cable is, I have been very close to a disaster when the cable gets tangled in the armrest.
    . Velcro straps for the cables in your AMP/DAC/Source/Power Source
    Remember you can talk about other equipment too like amps, dacs, tubes, cables, etc...
  9. Pulse14
    For modding-
    -never. ever. touch your driver. it is very delicate. very.
    -use high quality solder and flux. makes tinning easier as well as getting good strong solders.
    -using tech-flex or nylon sheathing is generally recommended, and can help in extending the life of a cable.
    -should be obvious,but be careful where you put soldering irons/gun. they will ignite things.
    -get a helping hands. wonderful little thing.
    -be careful when dissasembling an amp or pair of cans. make sure power is disconnected too.
    -remember to put techflex/nylon, heatrshrink, and the barrel for a connector on the cable before soldering on the termination itself. this can get very annoying. 
    Most Importantly - Invest in a multimeter. Check leads constantly.
  10. paconavarro
    . Keep a bag of silica in your headphones bag/case if you live in a high humidity town.
    . Make sure you have in your browser bookmarks.
    . When you travel: always get an extra set of batteries (if your portable rig uses them) most rechargeable batteries have 4 of them, so keep one pair charged and one pair in use, planes used to get delayed and batteries to run down in the worst moment.
  11. paconavarro
    When using an amp, control the volume with it: put your player of choice at maximum volume as well as in your dac and use the volume knob in the amp (very simple but some people keep their source or dac in low volumes)
  12. Chromako
    Dust your headphones with a paintbrush if you're picky. Otherwise, badger hair shaving brushes should work well.
    Take extra cord length and coil it up, then put a little strap (like the little velco cable-tie ones), so you don't roll over extra length with your chair. 
    If the cord gets in the way and you're on a wheely desk chair, swing the cord between the vertical arm-rest support stick thingy and the back of the chair.
    Don't be afraid to use gaff tape for cord management!
  13. Gwarmi


    Wonder how many AKG K601/K701/K702/Q701's could of been saved with this simple piece of pragmatic advice.
    Here's one -
    If you're using Grado flat pads - be careful of lint. Those things are magnets for the fluff.
  14. SemperMalum
    If you're wearing an expensive set of headphones out, that look similar to Beats, don't go down that dark alley.
    Seriously. Not speaking on my behalf, but I've heard the stories.
    Only you can prevent headphone jacking.
  15. JamesMcProgger
    Store them in cases or their boxes when not in use, to prevent dust getting inside. (specially for very open headphones)
    Dry your hair, clean your head before using them (goes specially for the AKG K601 ... whitish pads...)

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