Tips to prevent cables tangling?
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How do you prevent the cables from tangling?

Some IEMs and cases are worse than others. For example, when the cable is heavier than the ear pieces, then I can more easily wrap and unwrap a coiled cable. This is true, say for many of the Shure IEMs. Less so for the Westone IEMs which have a thinner cable. But, the Westone ear pieces are light weight, so there is still less chance of tangling that for heavy earpieces. Heavy ear pieces with light weight cables, like that of the Campfire audio are worst offenders for tangling.

The best way I've found so far for my Campfire Andromeda's is to hold the ear pieces in the palm of my hand and wrap the cable around my outstretched fingers. Then store the coil inside a Shure case. Uncoiling is just the sequence in reverse.

What's your latest trick to avoid this common nuisance?

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