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Tip rolling hilarious story

  1. floydfanx6
    0664CB1D-B5C8-4068-B0A6-550598E28043.jpeg I had a funny situation occur this week.
    I’m curious if anything like this ever happened to you guys !!!
    I like many of you have many ieh. Im very into tip rolling almost in a ocd manner .I get my new shozy form 1.1( amazing ) with no time to test and had to go to work .
    So I grab the shozys and a zip lock bag of various tips I like to roll. On the train I’m going through my zip lock bag inspecting tips putting them on taking them out. Closing the bag to ensure non fall out and repeating. People were looking at me like I was either doing drugs crazy or both .
    Moral of the story I guess is do you tip rolling at home!! Any of you have story’s like this ?
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2019

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