Tiny Flac player with Bluetooth receiver $11
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Mar 13, 2010
I wanted to have a stand alone Flac Player that had the ability to play from USB Drive and Micro SD card along with a way to connect to my phone via built in Bluetooth Receiver.
I really had seen nothing that fit the needs I had to access all my music without turning on my iMac and then I found this.
I found it on eBay and did not expect much but this little device made by a company called Sanwu is incredible and rediculously cheap.
s-l300 (1).jpg

It does not have a display but actually is very intuitive and easy to use via the remote .

When hooked up to my phone the remote operates Deezer and all my other media apps including volume next track etc

It even has several EQ presets you can cycle through .

The only negative I found is the output is a variable Headphone out and I wish it had RCA outputs instead but it has played every file I've thrown at it and the sound quality is quite good..

Like I said I purchased it on eBay for$11.38 shipped but here is a link to the only place I found it not on eBay.


For the price it is a steal and I've even connected to my little power bank battery and took it on my Harley because it has more power than my phone even when not hooked to a headphone Amplifier
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I just wanted to add if you connect this to the output of your DAC then to your headphone amp it works as a simple passthrough but when used with an Android device it will control just about all of your streaming services or Media player.
Being it will add complete control to any Headphone Amplifier and add Bluetooth I use it all the time.
Basically for the price of one CD

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