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Tiny DAC, Big Sound, Evolved – Stoner Acoustics UD100 / UD110 / UD120

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by clieos, Sep 9, 2012.
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  1. money4me247 Contributor
    I can sell my UD110v2 if you are interested.
  2. cmcinhk
    My ud120 has just arrived a few days ago. However I am having severe issues with it, while using it with my Macbook Pro (10.10) it only works occasionally, and during the times that it does not work it will show up on System Information as Bravo HD FW Update (manufacture: SAVITECH) instead of ud120. Considering that Saviaudio is the chip used inside the device and that other devices work fine with the USB ports, I believe it is an issue with the DAC not my computer. Is there some kind of manual installation process or something? Any advice would be great.
  3. surf2008
    I have a problem connecting android and ios phones.
    .. IPHONE4S - CCK - UD120 - 3,5 to 3,5 stereo plug adapter - Fiio E11K - headphones Vsonic VC1000 on E11K
    when i connect it like this is says: no enough power...what can i do ?
    SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2...- otg cable - UD120  - 3,5 to 3,5 stereo plug adapter - Fiio E11K - Headphones ( Vsonic VC 1000 )...music comes from the Samsung note 2..not from the headphones..if I have tried with application USB AUDIO PLAYER PRO..it cannot recognize hardware, no hardware detected...
    ( EDIT : I have changed the otg cable on SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE and now UAPP can recognize the hardware and can play music only through the player..( youtube..deezer still not working ).
     Is there any other way to make it work ? cos i would like to connect it through my phones...
  4. Shoopdawoop993
    Hello! I am trying to find a quality dac/amp or dac amp combo for  80 bucks. In the interest of not starting new threads, which you guys seem to hate (which is odd considering its a forum [​IMG].)  
    I'm going to drive Grado sr325e's which have a normal Impedance of 32 ohms, so not to hard to drive. This is my first, and likely only for a while DAC and amp
    Am I better off getting:
    a) UD120 + a cheap amp like a Fiio E6 or a PA2V2 and leave it plugged in (if some one could recommend some thing better for around $25-$30 pls do)
    b) Fiio e07k 
    c)Fiio e7
    Thanks for your help. if this isnt the right place ill move it to the help section
    Edit: added more things i thought about/discovered
  5. cj42

    check out Fiio e10k (i don't have it and i haven't tried it, but there are many positive reviews about it and it falls withing your budget)
  6. money4me247 Contributor
    The Schiit Fulla is $79 for a amp/dac combo. While I haven't used it personally, I think it would be a great fit for you (budget-entry, good reviewed performance for the price, desktop usage).
  7. qafro
    Does iPod mini 1 gen work with UD120 DAC?
  8. ClieOS Contributor
    No. Only iDevice with IOS7 and above might have a chance with UD120, though I have my doubt.
  9. qafro
  10. Ultrainferno
    Is there any news on the mini amp they were working on?
  11. qafro
    I'm thinking of ordering the new Fii0 X3 or Ibasso DAP to connect OTG to my UD120 DAC but I not sure if it going to work . Does any Fiio /Ibasso Dap work with UD120 DAC?
  12. ClieOS Contributor
    No, they won't work, FiiO and iBasso's DAP OTG function limit to only memory, not DAC.
  13. fumoffuXx
    Hey CLie, whats a good Desktop amp pairing for the UD120?
  14. ClieOS Contributor
    Depends on what kind of sound you are looking for and of course, your budget. I'll recommend iFi Audio iCAN, if you are looking for something neutral.
  15. fabifri
    I just got my second UD120 vom Stoner Acoustics. After having troubles with the first UD120 and complaining about the bad soldering-quality of the cable inside the UD120-case, causing some loose-connections and really annoying hum-sounds.
    The new UD120 i just got don't has any of the problems, and also the cables are soldered quite nice to the PCB.
    The UD120 supports high-speed and full-speed USB2.0 as i have tested it. In Full-Speed mode it get's recognized as UD120FS in the Windows device-manager. In Full-Speed mode 96kHz/24-bit is the maximum sampling-rate and bit-depth.

    Although, i have to admit, that the UD110v2 was way better. The operation UD120 is not nearly as stable as the UD110v2. There is also a need for a proprietary driver on windows. Sometimes i have to unplug the UD120 to get it to work again.
    In my opinion the SA9027 from the UD110 (and also in the JDS Labs C5D as well) is still one of the most stable USB-Streaming-Chips providing asynchronous USB 2.0 (full-speed) up to 96kHz/24-bit and required no proprietary drivers and works very stable on windows.
    Neither the UD110 nor the UD120 worked here with the iPad (mini 3 retina) or iPhone (5S) with the Lightning-CCK-Cable. The iOS claims that the device needs too much power. For the UD120 i'll believe that, because it gets kind of warm during operation.
    kind regards
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