Tinnitus and hearing loss
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Oct 16, 2005
I've always had mild tinnitus that was hardly noticeable (and not during music) but recently I had a sudden increase in my left ear, to the point that in a quiet room it feels like it is screeching at me. It also bothers me when I'm trying to listen to music, and there must be some loss of hearing because images are no longer centered in my headphones---everything is skewed right. I went to the doctor thinking I might have a middle ear infection. He said that I didn't have an infection but that my ear was full of wax. I've been using earwax removal drops. For some reason my left ear is just pouring out wax. Of course that can explain a bit of hearing loss. But now, even when I get all the wax out, I still have the hearing loss and the tinnitus is worse than ever.

Tinnitus can be caused by a range of conditions from mild (minor infection) to serious (like brain tumor). It can be permanent or temporary.

I'm seeing my GP today, and then may go to see a specialist.

I know how Beethoven felt---to lose his hearing, to lose the beauty he most loved.

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