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Tin Hifi P1 impressions

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  1. Seazer
    I didn't win the P1 on the Tin Audio Facebook giveaway :frowning2: but I did win a Tin Audio T shirt so I guess I'll be repping them in public! :D haha
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  2. davehutch
    Thanks for doing this, good to know I still have stuff to buy in terms of amps, to improve from my ES100
  3. Krassi

    I finally got my E1DA PowerDac V2 plugged and my P1 had been pink noise waterboarded for at least 48 hours..
    So plugged them in with a balanced silver cable and first thing was turning on a Harman Curve Preset....

    ..What!?.. i had them on my Hiby R3 before and they sounded muddy and no base..
    With enough DAC power in the back and foobar from my Pc i was looking like "Surprised Pitatchu Meme"

    The P1 can slam out some massiv punchy bass and highs are amazing.
    They transform form Jakyl to Hyde with enough Power and the EQ polished them.

    Right now i am very happy that i bought those Headphones! With EQ from the PowerdacV2 they sounded fuller than my Sundaras on the Atom... well for now :wink: until i got the right cable.
    Amazing Headphones for not much Money and i use Dekoni M Pads all the time because they just fit and dondt annoy for many hours.

    Seeya Daniel
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  4. captblaze
    Ivan is quite good at what he does. I too have that combo and after hearing the P1 with proper power and DSP I am tossing my iSine20 (and cipher cable) in the trash
  5. Krassi
    Yep! And everybody in their discord told me "i told you p1 and that Thing is a great Combo"..
    Ill also get that mobile version and someone used it on his R3.. So possibly i can also get better sound mobile (maybe with a small powerbank needed for longer trips)

    So planar headphones seem to scale great with power.. Interesting to see new stuff that seems to come out every month from china.
    Tin hifi has really done a great job with this IEM

    Seeya Daniel
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  6. bgtip
    I suppose a lot of us have walked this path. First EQ, then more EQ, then Harman Curves, then Viper with convolutions, millions of them, until you are deep into the rabbit hole. P1 sound fantastic to me as they are but I can relate to the people who try to improve them. I'll do it too when I have time, just out of curiosity. Btw if you look at the Oratory1990's P1 Harman Curve you'll see that 10 dB high shelf filter is applied to 2100 Hz which I strongly suspect will not like.
  7. Krassi
    P1 and powerdacV2 should be bundled...once you kick in a preset or tweak it it sounds like +1k the price.

    "Enough power + EQ magic + pocket size" ist a real seller for me and the combo is around 200 euros for both. thats really sick for something that sounds this great.
    i hope Tin Hifi will make a sick next version like P2 in the same price range.

    i got everything in my endgame bag and can take it with me to my office (nintendo switch not final bag :wink: and that awesome boombox in the background was my portable soundsystem in my office for many years ... its a great decoration, and the tape drive is even working for a 1981 device!!!)

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  8. Starfinder
    I was wondering if the eq in the E1DA could be used successfully to create an 8Khz spike to improve psychoacoustic sound staging, has anyone tried this.

    I'm a newbie so apologies if my understanding is way off.
  9. Infoseeker
    I can confirm bumping 4k and 8k on my HiBy R6 Pro balanced out does effectively do that.
  10. Starfinder
  11. Infoseeker
    Anyone else notice if you Eq the bass you need to increase the gain a lot higher or the sound gets veiled?
  12. Nailzs
    I haven't.
  13. Infoseeker
    Must be peculiarities of the HiBy R6 Pro. I hope a company can make an Android dap with an integrated OS level equalizer.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2019
  14. Krassi
    actually not what i recognized.. i pump it up, no difference but it slamms me with dry strong bass.
  15. Captainbeefturd

    Hi thanks for the reply. I'm powering with the Tempotec idsd plus dac with double checking, 150mw @32 ohms should that not be enough. I've got some longer double flange tips to double check, seems the more amped the more distortion I'm getting, I mean quite unlistenable tbh . Any advise. Is new dac so querying whether issue under load (sounds stunning with low impedance iem's) is admittedly not pushing my akg 712 Pro cans (again new been on spending spree I cannot afford) but not distorted like just not as loud as would expect
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