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Tin Hifi P1 impressions

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  1. capnjack

    My preferred tip for the P1, after a lot of tip rolling settled on Symbio W
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  2. holsen
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  3. cykelvin
    I was thinking about getting some comply. Just made the purchase. Thanks for the link and saved me some $$
  4. ncristia
    I have a good fit and plenty of bass with spiral dots and some EQ.
  5. steamboiled
    Received the replacement unit today. The seams are still not 100% flush but i can live with this as it is not as sharp as before. Still, Tin Hifi needs to up their QA game. Just wasted $15 on shipping returns.
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  6. holsen
    The more I listen to these P1s the more I love them. They definitely improve with use, I've had them about a month now and the imaging, detail sound-stage are just beautiful. The bass has developed nicely. No, it's not basshead quantity but it is really well defined with good texture and depth where it exists in the recording. I dont find the treble on these overcooked at all. These IEMs have trounced my SE535 and my Xelentos neither of which can compete with the balance, precision, depth and level of clarity & detail these things pull out. And with both Final E tips and Comply 400 I've had zero fit issues. They isolate reasonably well (this is the only thing the Shures had on these) and they are the most comfortable in ears I've ever owned. I'm astounded by them.. I took a chance on them at the $149 pre-sale and then rergretted it all the way up to delivery - then WOW. I really am stunned by them. The only downside is the power requirement but honestly every device I have drives them. Straight out of my phone and tablet they are listenable. I've run them on a Shanling UP2 and M5S both have tons of juice for them. The BTR3 drives them easily too, so my only real concern with them is reduced battery life on whatever Source I'm using because they need the extra power. Yet with the joy these things bring me, I'm less and less concerned about that each day. In a short time I've been spoiled by them and I'm starting to think that every thing else will disappoint me by comparison. I just ordered the IMR R1 Zenith on Drop and as listen to these P1s I'm really wondering if i made a mistake. I hope I'll be just a pleased with them as I am with these. The P1s are comfortable, improve with time, sound incredible, fit well and I can sleep with them (which is important to me because I travel alot and sleep both in planes and hotel rooms. If you dont own them yet, take a chance on them. So far, a month after release, I haven't seen any on eBay, so if you're not pleased I don't think you'll have a chance moving them.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
  7. AudioObsession
    I'm thinking I would like to get an amp for when my P1s get here in a week (or less)..

    The most powerful unit I have to drive them is my Sabaj Da3.
    It has an output power:
    Balanced @ 32ohm 111mW
    I know that's plenty to "drive" the P1, but apparently 3 to 4 times that amount would sound better?

    So, I want a non portable amp that has -BALANCED Output via a 2.5mm jack.
    I don't want it to be portable.
    I would prefer 300mW to 1Watt
    Does anyone here know if such a thing even exists?
    (Preferably under $150 USD)
  8. dogears
  9. Tential
    I wouldn't say the treble is overcooked. It sounds amazing. The iem sounds amazing actually. The shallow fit is my issue. If I had a good fit I'd be happy, but without top tier fit, it's pointless. I just want to put my kz zs3.back in that seals 100% perfectly, it's amazing. It's due to my left ear. It was hard just to get customs because of the insane interior of my ear the mold kept breaking. Now, I can't get the left ear here to fit. Great iem, crappy accessories, questionable fit. I may just stick to iems that have the kz zs3 shape, as it's the only thing that seems to seal well. I've got some longer comply tips on order to see if that helps, since the accessories are of such low quality, I don't know if an actual tip will fix it. I know the kz ates, I used those tips on everything and it made me much happier.

    I did remove an earwax blockage from my left ear, it alas, it's the seal, and no amount of ear cleaning can fix that.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
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  10. davehutch
    Just to say don't limit yourself by specifying it has to have a 2.5mm output. Many desktop amps don't have one, but a simple convertor can solve that issue and then you can choose from ANY balanced amp.
    I know it adds some cost but thought I'd mention it. I use it on my Fostex HP A4-BL
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  11. Charlie Norwood
    Agreed. Any balanced output is easily converted to another balanced output and 2.5 is mostly found only on portable amps. Balanced XLR is more common on desktop amps.

    @AudioObsession - as far as what you're looking for at <$150? Not sure you really have many options - everything around that price that does balanced is portable (though you can use portable amp as a desktop... ) but this SMSL might be the closest to what you want. And you might still need a DAC. https://www.amazon.com/SMSL-Headphone-Amplifier-Balanced-Performance/dp/B07JQ1QDR9/ref=asc_df_B07JQ1QDR9/ - I've never heard anything from SMSL so can't vouch for quality, but reviews are out there I'm sure.
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  12. davehutch
    Maybe something on here:
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  13. Nailzs
    Got my shipping notice and tracking number from Drop today!:ksc75smile:
  14. holsen
    You're going to be very happy. They sound great out of the box, they sound better with time (dare I say 'burn-in'?) I let mine play overnight for several nights and the sound is spectacular. IMO Congrats.
  15. Tential
    Were there any reports of people receiving a defective iem? I could have sworn I saw someone say that one side of their set was broken.
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