Tin Hi-fi 4 & Going Bluetooth
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Nov 10, 2019
Hi, i just purchased tin hi-fi 4 and very pleased with the sound for the price ratio anyway looking to go bluetooth not sure how to do this as Google has very little on the subject. Could anyone give some advice please?
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U can consider getting a bluetooth adapter like the TRN BT20 or TRN BT20S (looks like this the above once u connect the IEM to the adapter). They're about $30+ USD, the S version is slightly water proof with better battery life/connectivity, and they come in 2 pin (0.75mm/0.78mm) or MMCX versions.

I don't have the TIN HIFI T4, but I've used both TRN adapters with my other IEMs, and connectivity is very good, sound quality is a tinge worse than a wired connection, but very good nonetheless.

Some IEMs that are very sensitive have a bit of hiss with these, especially the TRN BT20S, but generally when music starts playing, the hiss is not noticable.

I'm sure there're other options, so you ask the others in this thread: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/going-fully-wireless-iems-too-soon-or-are-we-there-yet.861024/
And maybe also check with them if anyone has tried the T4 with them, as I'm not sure if there's gonna be hiss and how obvious it is.

Good luck in your search!
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