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Tidal Streaming MQA Master Albums: Your Recommendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by Capt Yossarian, Apr 21, 2018.
  1. Capt Yossarian
    Given Tidal's shall we say "sub-optimal" management of their MQA Master listings (i.e. no global search
    function and only a truncated "What's New" display) I'm hoping we can help each other out by sharing
    our MQA Master "finds" with each other. I love being led beyond my normal listening preferences and
    discovering new musical joys and I know there are many "golden ears" here on Head-Fi who can help.
    Here are a few of my choices, just to prime the pump. Thanks in advance for your participation.

    Kinks -Arthur
    Richard Thompson - Still (Deluxe)
    Buffalo Springfield - Again
    Bill Frisell/Thomas Morgan - Small Town (bump to Bob Smith recommendation)
    Cars - Moving in Stereo
    Gillian Welch - Boots #1
  2. Seancs14
    The Cars - Heartbeat City

    Also, not sure if you know this, but from Tidal’s homepage, you can scroll to albums, clicks Masters, then click Show More. It’s not ideal, but you can scroll through all the Masters albums.

    It’s something at least.
  3. Capt Yossarian
    If you're referring to the "What's New" section, that shows SOME but not ALL of the Masters. The only way to find many of them
    is to use the search box by entering the artist name is a relatively endless game of "hide n seek".
  4. Soundsgoodtome
    Threads like this would probably have more hits if the Head-Fi site was more navigation friendly like the old site. Progress I suppose.. SUB (although not sure how to find the thread quickly on the new site)
  5. Capt Yossarian
    A few more
    Elvis Costello This Year's Model
    Elvis Costello Armed Forces
    Linda Rondstadt Heart Like a Wheel
    Bob Marley & the Wailers Live - Deluxe Version (2 shows at the Lyceum 1975)
  6. Seancs14
    My bad. I thought it used to have everything in one place if you kept scrolling.
  7. Capt Yossarian
    If you enter "masters" in the Tidal search box and scroll down to "Playlists" they've compiled about 20 demos in various musical/artist categories. I especially recommend the Tom Petty
    and the R.E.M. Ballads.
    Dr. John "In the Right Place"
    Aretha Franklin "30 Greatest"
  8. animeismylife
  9. tbollier
    That list is very useful.

    There's a useful dropdown menu in the Tidal integration in Audirvana that allows you to select just "Masters".

    I've been enjoying the Neil Young - ROXY: Tonight's the Night Live MQA album.

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