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Tidal playlist - share the songs you use to audition headphones

Discussion in 'Music' started by alexzogh, Jan 16, 2019.
  1. alexzogh
    I've spent a long time building large playlists of songs that have specific characteristics that are good for testing out new headphones, DAC's, amplifiers, etc...

    I have a master list of about 500 songs, that I then create a new playlist from (9 or 10 songs) for an audition.

    for example, I've recently been doing a lot of critical listening with my Meze Empyreans, doing a lot of A/B listening between competitive other headphones. I just finished a session comparing the Empyreans to Hifiman HE1000 V2's,

    Here is a link to the playlist I used: https://tidal.com/playlist/ffa5b190-5f3a-44c8-aae8-8bd21e7136a3

    I'd love to see other's playlists - not necessarily of music you enjoy recreational listening, but those songs you use for critical listening.
  2. panic29505
    Paul Simon Graceland
    The Allman Brothers Band first and second set (some of the best live material I've ever heard)
    Almost any Pink Floyd (except Division Bell, it sounds flat to me)
    I almost always have. apiece of classical music just to see
  3. RandomGuy
    Anything songs by Yosi Horikawa. His stuff has a ton of detail and texture!

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