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tidal master issue?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by 2002tiiguy, Sep 23, 2018.
  1. 2002tiiguy
    led zeppelin iv, both remaster and deluxe mqa, on going to california i hear what sounds like distortion in the upper vocals, ak sp1000 via usb from tidal desktop app through akg k702 cans. is there something not working right on my end or is there an issue with some of tidals mqa recordings?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. 2002tiiguy
    Lol based on the lack or responses, i feel like ive said something stupid
  3. gimmeheadroom
    A lot of recent remasters and rereleases are disappointing. When I have time I'll check the ones you mentioned.

    I have an RVG remaster of Art Blakey's Moanin' and the recording is clipping so badly in parts I can't believe they let it out the door. I have to find my earlier recording but I don't remember this. Bottom line seems to be with the rush to get "audiophile" pressings or remasters out the door I think a lot of screwups are going on.
  4. TheSnafu
    Through Oppo PM3+Explorer2 and my home system speakers it sounds like there is some "studio echo" in some of the vocals ?

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