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Discussion in 'Music' started by baroninkjet, Sep 4, 2014.
  1. SomeGuyDude
    Tragically, a lack of actual ability to hear a difference between Google's 320 and Tidal's lossless has led to me scrapping Tidal once my free months wear off. Google just totally revamped their suggestion interface and it's the kind of thing I really need. Tidal sucks for discovery.
  2. sonitus mirus
    I am a fan of Tidal, don't get me wrong, and I love the peace of mind that I am streaming lossless files; but without Roon or Audirvana, it just doesn't do it for me compared to Google.

    The "Music Library" that Google employs is nearly perfect and the ability to upload my own music to fill any gaps from streaming holdouts or even to include rare music not otherwise available on the service makes it excel above other options.
  3. SomeGuyDude
    Yep, that's my other thing. I have a ton of stuff from Bandcamp, and being able to stream that at 320 is a huge boon, plus getting YouTube Red with the whole thing.

    I've tried Roon before and heard nothing, frankly. And I do love Tidal, I wish I could just keep the subscription to support them ideologically, but unless some big changes come by January (when my 6mo run out) I may be done.
  4. Steve Wilcox
    It's working! There was a different icon there this morning. I guess it just wasn't ready.
  5. Steve Wilcox
    Tidal control app is generally working good with Sonos. I thought it would be nice to watch some of the videos with the audio coming out of my Hi Fi via Sonos but unfortunately the videos don't play when casting to Sonos. Not sure if this is something that can be resolved?
  6. almarti
    Could you please detail a little more of what YouTube Red brings?

    I will remain in Tidal as today I can difference the 320kbps and the Tidal loseless, so the only way to improve discovery is scrabbling to last.fm. have any of you tested this and then go to last.fm to get recommendations? If so, how good/bad are they?
  7. SomeGuyDude
    I mean if you can say you can tell... okay...

    But YT Red is basically YouTube with no ads, that gives more money to the creators, and also lets you easily listen to YT videos with the app in the background or the screen off. Plus, Google's "locker" feature means you can store a load of music on their servers and stream it whenever.

    Last.FM is a great service, but the biggest issue I personally had is that you never know if the suggestions it gives are available on a given service. You might end up with all these albums suggested and then find that none of them are actually on for streaming. The annoyance of bouncing back and forth trying to find what you can stream is a pain. Even more so when you're trying to do it while you're out and about on mobile.
  8. OldSkool
    Loving Tidal HiFi right now. Does it have an equalizer or is there one that will work with it?

    Asking for a friend :wink:
  9. fredster
    A quick question about AK connect as I have not seen it in use. If using Tidal, does AK connect recognise the Tidal app and give you access to playlists and features etc and show those as a display, or is Connect just a simple Play... Stop.... skip type control ?
  10. ice7errapin
    Did they fix all the bugs yet
  11. fredster
    Oh, doesn't work as it should in the first place eh ?
  12. gefski
    ECM has expanded its partnership with Universal Music Group, and their catalog is now on board Tidal.
  13. Capmad03
    I don't think my ears can hear the difference either after multiple trials I think I'm just going to go back to apple music for convenience sake
  14. peterinvan
    A) Roon has excellent EQ capability, with parametric equalization and headroom management. Even presets for my Audeze headphones.

    B) I use Roon (Windows 7) to play Tidal and for discovery. I love the way it integrates my large library of FLACs on my Networked Drive with the entire Tidal library. Search is fast and discovery is based both on my NAS collection and on the whole TIdal library. I can stream high resolution Tidal files. With the EQ disabled, I can stream MQA files to my MQA DAC (Meridian Explorer2). Normally I leave EQ off and stream through USB to my KEF LS50W powered speakers.

    C) No stuttering or drop outs (my ISP provides 15Mbs)
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  15. mattmc1228
    I have been listening to tidal masters through my wife's Toshiba laptop with the meridian e2.
    When I plug on the me2 into the laptop, it immediately recognizes the mqa device.

    I just pick up a HP Spectre x360, downloaded the windows app, and when I plugged in the usb in the HP . It does not recognize the me2?
    I put the laptops side by side. All the settings are the same.
    Any suggestions??

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