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TIDAL - 6 months in

Discussion in 'Music' started by Womaz, Sep 21, 2017.
  1. Womaz
    What can I say? TIDAL has totally transformed the way I listen to and ultimately buy music.
    Its simply the best £20 per month I could ever spend. Talk about value for money.
    It all started 6 months ago as I give up on the AIR software for the umpteenth time. I purchased the AK300 DAP and a pair of Campfire Audio Lyra 2. The AK300 had TIDAL on it and I started my subscription. I was always reluctant to go down the streaming route as I was one of the unlucky ones with AIR and I also thought the sound quality would not be as good. However those of you who followed my speaker journey will know that I had to change my listening habits as new neighbours moved in under me. So the AK300 was bought as a holiday tool and for some home us too.
    I was instantly hooked on TIDAL and fir 3 months did not listen to my Devialet at all as TIDAL was used exclusively.
    I love the new music section as i have always followed new music releases. TIDAL has saved me money too, quite a bot of money as I was spending £80 to £100 per month on downloads. Now its around half of that and I can see myself cutting the purchase of music even further. I would stop now but I like to copy my music to listen to in the car and on my holidays too. One day TIDAL will be streamed into cars and available offline abroad I would imagine and I may even stop altogether.
    Then in like a disney type of ending my neighbours move out and the apartment below is empty. This coincide with Melco now working with the Kazoo app and being able to stream TIDAL.
    It is like heaven. Is the sound quality as good as my HD ? I am not so sure, but the difference is tiny if any, and the convenience of all that music at my fingertips makes me happy that for me its not an issue anymore.
    So now its approaching dark nights again in the UK and a period where my music listening increases as the night time golf is impossible, and boy am i excited.

    So £20 per month, I hope thy dont read this [​IMG] but I would pay a lot more than this. Its like something that once you have had it, you cant live without it. INCREDIBLE value and a music lovers dream
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  2. Nutsid
    I love Tidal as well. Really, way better than Spotify in every way (which I used previously) other than one - music discovery. Spotify's algorithm was seriously great when it came to their weekly playlist based on the music you had been listening to, the daily mixes that constantly generate music based on what you've listened to (choosing both songs you've listened to and new ones based on those songs together).

    But other than that, other than that, Tidal is by far better. I
  3. robm321
    Same here. I still listen to CD/SACD/Records, but there is something special about having so many options to stream.
  4. R7photo
    I also love tidal as well, sounds marvelous with my Astell&Kern Kann, why I like it, it allows me to listen to up to date tracks.
  5. Raketen
    I've been using it for a similar amount of time and also particularly like it for the "new releases" and chart lists, a good way of keeping up with current popular music, infinitely better than pop radio stations that repeat the same 10 threadbare songs all day long. They've also made some good improvements to the software since I started using it, which is encouraging.

    Since artist payouts are so abysmal, I'd like it if they took a page from Bandcamp and allowed you to permanently purchase music (like how iTunes/Apple Music was previously designed), or even allowed you to add extra funds you could "tip" the artist a certain amount for the tracks you favorite or set to "offline" mode (even one cent per play would be an exponential improvement over current rates while costing the listener very little).
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2017
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  6. rkw
    What do you find better about Tidal? I have Tidal HiFi, Spotify Premium, and Google Play Music (which comes bundled with YouTube Red). I appreciate Tidal's lossless quality (it does make a difference), but otherwise I find Tidal to be worse in most ways, for example, the search function and the genre and other prebuilt playlists. Spotify has been exploring offering a lossless tier, and if they do that I'll be ready to drop Tidal (I'll keep Google for YouTube Red).
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2017
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  7. Raketen
  8. Nutsid
    The sound quality being primary.

    Other than the playlists I mentioned previously on Spotify (Discover Weekly and Daily Mixes) I never used predefined playlists anyway. Tidal has more of the bands that I've searched for, which is huge. The Mastered Quality is also a big bonus. I like the fact that Tidal has the series of videos with unique and exclusive content. Then there is their live broadcasts from music festivals.

    Then it is also supposed to be true that Tidal pays more to the musician than any other streaming source - whether that's true or not is beyond me, but that was the premise behind being owned by artists.
  9. Raketen
    I agree, some of their exclusive video content really is well done. I like the artist assembled and thematic prefab playlists for finding new music, but I guess all of the services have some version of this.

    With all streaming servicesI think mostly just the marquee artists that have exclusive release deals and those who are so popular they can brute force higher rates (i.e. Taylor Swift) get paid anything reasonable- but judging by what that blog can extrapolate Tidal does appear to pay 2-3x more (still talking in hundredths of a cent and decreasing as # of plays increase) than most of the other 10 largest US streaming services- except for Rhapsody (which apparently was recently renamed back to Napster) and Xbox Music (I have never even heard of).
  10. Womaz
    It seems I am not alone :wink:
    I am now considering a new DAP that will allow Tidal offline , does anyone have any suggestions? I love the SQ of my AK300 so would not want to compromise on this
  11. pjs1969
    i myself also love tidal but because of all the stories mentioned in the news i do not believe they will survive against their competition.
  12. chris.egeskov
    I have had Tidal HIFI for a few months now and it's particular good for finding new music. The windows application is a bit slow compared with Spotify.
  13. mgc468
    Do you guys really hear a noticeable difference in sound quality with tidal? I like tidal but it’s better for certain genres and worse for others. It just got bob Seeger which I am currently enjoying
  14. Raketen
    Not on Hi-Fi sub, but the quality of individual tracks/albums does seem to vary a bit... some just seem to be low quality rips or poorly sourced. I've only used Tidal but I suspect many streamers source their content library from same/similar 3rd party providers (possibly with the exception of proprietary content like Beyonce's MQA "masters" or whatever).
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
  15. TimeSnow
    Love Tidal, and the family subscription is such good value.

    I for one much prefer the Tidal playlist to Spotify's and the sound quality is moles better IMO.

    I also use USBAPP and think the sound quality out of that is somehow even better again... But it's hard for me to be sure... But sometimes it really does seem to be, when I switch back and forth. Plus the EQ, crossfeed, etc. Is worth it to me.

    I can't see going back to Spotify, and since they just got a huge cash infusion I don't think I'll have top.

    Though I am curious about Qobuz.....

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