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Three Word Story

  1. serman005
    a hot mess
  2. wink
    of steaming tamales
  3. serman005
    pork and pollo
  4. wink
    bangers and mash
  5. serman005
    with a beer
  6. naturalinstict
    And few blunts
  7. serman005
    with high CBD's
  8. wink
    but no extraneous
  9. serman005
    or excess THC
  10. naturalinstict
    Lovely highs and
  11. serman005
    some scintillating lows
  12. kid vic
    with dips and
  13. serman005
    ebbs and flows
  14. wink
    dark and bright
  15. serman005
    warm and cool

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