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Three Word Story

  1. serman005
    maybe a cat
  2. wink
    or a brat
  3. serman005
    or a bratwurst
  4. wink
    that's the wurst

  5. serman005
    yes it is
  6. Smooth_Trumpeteer
    but, wait there's
  7. serman005
    also a different
  8. wink
    kind of salami
  9. serman005
    maybe dry salami
  10. naturalinstict
    Home made pizza
  11. serman005
    with shrimp and
  12. naturalinstict
    Pineapple and hotsauce
  13. Smooth_Trumpeteer
    Pineapple ruined it
  14. zephyrstar
    Pineapple ruins everything.
    Smooth_Trumpeteer likes this.
  15. naturalinstict
    Opposite for some

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