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Three Grado RS-1s (one stock, one balanced, one vintage w/ pink drivers)

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by seacard, Jun 29, 2012.
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  1. seacard
    For Sale or Trade
    I have recently sold a couple vintage Grado RS-1s, and I have three more available for sale. (I've been running comparisons between different drivers, and balanced vs. unbalanced.) Here is what I have:
    1) An older Grado RS-1 that comes with the with original wooden box lined with green velvet as well as the outer cardboard box. It has the black headband and pink drivers. The cups are in almost perfect condition -- something you rarely see for Grados of this vintage. I'd say the headphone is in 8/10 condition.
    2) A stock Grado RS-1. This one originally came with a pizza box, but I don't have the pizza box. It has the buttons, white drivers, and is the version that came out right before the newer, buttonless Grado RS-1. It is in mint condition: 10/10.
    3) A balanced Grado RS-1. The one also originally came with a pizza box, and again I don't have the box. This headphone is of the same vintage as #2, but it is reterminated to 3-pin XLR. The headphone is in good condition, probably 7.5/10.
    If I were to sell, I'd be looking at around $1000 for #1, $450 for #2, and $425 for #3. In a trade, I'm mostly looking for the SR-507, although I would consider any other electrostat (including some that I already have like the SR-007, Koss ESP-950, etc.).
    I have perfect feedback here, audiogon, and ebay, so buy with confidence. Even though I don't have the boxes for headphones #2 and #3, I will make sure they are very safely packaged. Will post picture later when I have a chance to take some.
  2. tme110
    I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the SE/balanced test - I've thought about balancing my own grados...
  3. big-man
    interested in 1, waiting on pics =)
  4. silversurfer616
    ...interested in nr.3....,also waiting for photos.
  5. seacard
    Sorry everyone, life has been a bit chaotic. #1 and #3 are still available, and I promise to try to take some pictures this week. In the meantime, let's do a price drop so I can get these out of my listening room.
    #1: (vintage, pink drivers, green-velvet box): $950 + shipping
    #3: (semi-vintage, balanced, white drivers, no box): $400 + shipping
  6. seacard
    Here are the photos I promised
  7. seacard
    And #3
  8. Benjamin6264
    PM sent.
  9. davisxu
    PM for trade sent.
  10. basman
    Pm sent for the #1
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