Three Dog Night - Liar
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Oct 1, 2008
Does anyone know which available Three Dog Night (non-live) CD would contain the stereo version of "Liar"? I have their "Complete Hit Singles" 2004 CD, but it contains the mono-channel version.
I used to listen to my older sibling's record collections and remember growing up listening to the stereo version of Liar.
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Thanks for the suggestion Cavanaugh. I've been checking track descriptions and reviews, no luck yet. I suspect I'll be buying other TDN cd's. But at least the other tracks on my CD are sounding familiar. 

I read an older thread at another music forum where they were speculating that the master tracks for "Liar" were lost. Myth or truth, I find that hard to believe. So I'll try their Celebrate boxed set next. But if anyone knows about their Liar track I'd apprec.
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From doing a little research it seems that the album "Naturally" has a different version of "Liar" and it may be the stereo version you are referring to.
Then I read the Amazon reviewer who spoke of the superior masters (Japanese of course).
See 2009 update at bottom of the review where he states the Naturally twofer is not as good as the Japanese 2002 but better than the others.
I'll have to check out the stereos because all I've ever heard were the monos which I love. Great music!
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Thanks Permagin, great info. I do have to admit that the mono version is very well done, and I really don't mind it at all. I came across another sight that made reference to the LP version of Liar (Naturally album) being stereo while the 45 single version was mono. The Naturally version was probably the album I listened to when I was a kid. I didn't think this original album would be on CD and just assumed its tracks would live-on on greatest hits or anthology compilations rather than an actual remastered album in CD format. I have  to agree about twofer albums. I've bought twofer albums before and they seem to me to be hit or miss quality wise.
As an aside, I recall, as a kid, sneaking into my brother's room to listen to TDN on his slick, and delicate looking, stereo with nothing but his light boxes flashing all different colors to light my attempts at being reeaallllly careful not to scratch his records. lol. What great music to grow up with. I'd always thought that those half dozen years around 1970 were simply and truly classic.

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