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Thoughts on Klipsch Status headphones?

  1. phillyd
    I love my Klipsch Image Ones, but I'm looking for an upgrade. I realized Klipsch has a new over-ear option, the Status. They look nice IMO, but does anyone know how they sound?
  2. KyungMin
    I like them.. they are over the ear and a little harder to get a good seal.. but my image one's right channel stopped working and the sent me a pair of status for free.. I like them.. the sound a little alike the image ones but i like them better I think a little less bass but not my much.. You can listen to them at FRY's electronics they have a demo pair! They also have a removable cable.. From what I can remember from my image ones the treble on the status is better..
  3. IChangedMyMind
    Good headphones
  4. Unkerwill
    Listening to Klipsch Status now. It's really enjoyable listening to the music coming from this amazing headphone. Sound is more balanced comparing with the Image One that I once owned. The only thing that bothers me wearing this headphone is the size - it's too big and heavy on the head and it's definitely not a good idea to wear it outdoors, you will look weird!

    I accidentally dropped my Status on hard floor a while ago! Fortunately there is nothing wrong with it and the sound is not affected after tested with a few test music for headphones. Hope it stays that way.
  5. BeBop Lives
    This Headphone was a bargain at $99.  Just a bit of fun for a very good price!

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