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Thoughts on HD 428 for metal?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by trantalocked, Jun 27, 2011.
  1. TrantaLocked
    I just ordered a pair of Sennheiser HD 428s as a cheap pair for higher SQ and more bass over my HD 201s but the thing is it seems even with more bass these don't have balanced extended bass like the HD 438s. 
    I'll explain what I hear in the HD 201s: treble stands out obviously, the guitar sounds more "out there" and not as full. I find metal much more enjoyable on my CX 300-IIs which have a lot of bass, maybe too much though. 
    Comparing the two with "Scream" by Avenged Sevenfold the CX 300-IIs over power all the mids and highs but the 201s are a little weak on the bass. I guess any thing near the middle of these two guys would be fine. I just feel like I would be missing out on the balanced more natural sound of the HD 438s if I kept the HD 428s.
    Should I not open the 428s and return them and save more money for the 438s or would the 428s sound good for me? The 428s and 438s have similar response down to 100hz, and that is where the 438s continue to stay balanced while the 428s drop off. I'm guessing that the bass guitar extends below 100hz so there would be a large difference between the two.
    If metal will sound as it should, I'm fine with the 428s as I only paid $50 but if I really will benefit from paying $30 more for the 438s please share your wisdom! I can't open the 428s unless I know I'm going to keep them.
  2. bradhyper
    I have srh 840s and the hd 428s. I was disappointed by the 428s. I honestly stopped listening after a few days and I have not heard any of the other cans you mentioned so take my impressions with a grain of salt.
  3. TrantaLocked
    I honestly do not want to scrape any extra cash for the 438s and only would if it would benefit me greatly for metal XD. I know right away they would kill my 201s including the bass department but again the 438s have that flat bass...so tempting. 
    I did hear it takes a while for the 428s to burn in correctly. Have you burned yours in?
    And by the way the HD 201s are $30 headphones so if that says any thing about my standard. People say they are "the best" sub $100 head phones though.
  4. bradhyper
    I would say open them and listen to them. It's really the only way to find out for sure. I didn't think they were "fun" cans. They don't have the "wow" factor that other bassy headphones seem to have. They sound pretty ok for metal as long as the bass isn't super thumpy and you listen at reasonable volume levels.
    Wish I could help you more.
  5. TrantaLocked
    Could you do me a favor and have yours burn in to some shuffled music over night and try out a song later and describe it to me? I know I should open the 428s to see but once I do there is no going back. 
  6. bradhyper
    I'll go find them and do that overnight and try them in the morning. If you know any songs you *really* like and want to sound good I could browse youtube or something and see how they sound.
  7. TrantaLocked
    Thanks!! I'll name a few:
    "Scream" by Avenged Sevenfold
    "Prison Song" By System of a Down
    "Closure" by Asking Alexandria
    sorry if a couple might seem strange to you, but those cover most of what I listen to in terms of guitar/bass style.
    I wouldn't read it beforehand if you haven't but at "Further Listening Impressions" at http://www.topreviewshop.com/sennheiser_hd_428_headphones it may explain post-burn in effects for the 428s. See if you hear what he may be hearing and if the improvement is great.
    Oh and apparently, internationally the demand for the HD 438 is much lower so I found many sub-$70 HD 438s on ebay.co.uk
  8. bradhyper
    So what happened with my 428s is that after I got them a few weeks ago I let my brother have them (in other words they have been used a lot since I last touched them). The bass still has the same problems, but only with very bass heavy tracks, and only at high volumes. I was listening to those tracks you put up and System especially (since I love me some system) and I found them to have an acceptable sound. Also note that my ipod 4th gen pushes the volume much higher than my computer. Since you don't plan on getting an amp I forwent plugging them into my e7.
    My recommendation is that unless you have heard headphones in the next price range (shure 840s, AT m50s) then open these up and enjoy them. They sound better for metal/rock than hip hop/electronic and if they are the most expensive headphones you have heard they will likely sound a lot better than what you're used to (hopefully right?).
  9. bcasey25raptor
    hd428 is supposedly slow. i think if you listen to metal you should look into some grado's.
    also something i wasn't aware of is that 90% of modern metal is recorded badly and is brickwalled. any revealing headphone will show those flaws. i am a huge metalhead btw so i am familiar with the music you listen to. but i feel the senn hd428 may be slow for speedy genres like metal. like i said i would look into grado. or if you live outside of the united states alessandro is basically a modded grado for less.
  10. bradhyper
    The 428s get congested when to many things happen (like at the end of "sugar" by System). The thing with the OP is that he already has the 428s in a box at his house waiting to be opened or returned. If he returns them his max budget is still only like 60-70$ and I'm not wholly convinced he would like the sound sig of a Grado.
    Like I said, if these are the best headphones he's heard they sound fairly good for metal. Do they sound great? No. But you're not paying for great with these :wink:.
  11. TrantaLocked
    Grado has nothing I'm interested in below $70. Their cheapest model is an on-ear which is a no-go for me.
  12. bcasey25raptor


    you might be able to find a used grado sr60 from a member here. other then that the grado sr60 fetches for $79.99.
  13. TrantaLocked
    Well all of Grado is extremely expensive and mostly on-ear. Both factors not really in my range. Brad would you say the 428s are a steal for $50? Because I bought them for that much.
    I think talking about speed may being going too deep though. If it really is a problem I don't want to know about it because I find no "speed" issues with my HD 201s. Can you describe this to me?
  14. TrantaLocked
    Wow, you actually got me looking into these SR-60s and apparently they rule. They are expensive but hell I want to here them. Any one you know selling them on head-fi?
  15. Chris_Himself




    So what exactly happened in that last hour where you magically saw the light? Must have been a pretty intense hour of looking up reviews, of which there are hundreds of in the last 10 years! The SR-60's don't have the bass you're looking for if you've heard 428's and 438s, but those two are rather boomy to me. I didn't like their presentation, to experienced ears, you really don't get to hear all the music when the bass is really that forward. I like Grado. A lot. They're also fun to mod if you've got spare cash and the mods really help out the sound/looks quite a bit. Post a WTB ad for SR-60's and you'll get flooded with offers!
    Craigslist always finds a way to have a bunch in my area too, but I'm in the SF bay area and a lot of people are into cans out here apparently.

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