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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. wahsmoh

    Hehe it's going to be interesting with 3 new Theta owners conversing over the differences between DACs. All I can say is don't get too excited!!! [​IMG] 
    I keep my comments limited for now out of fear of overhyping an amazing product. hehe
  2. conquerator2
    #ThetaHype4Real :D
  3. estreeter
    If that is accurate and not simply Mike messing with people's heads, can you tell me which of us nominated April 20 as the release date ? Was it:
    Alfred E Neumann
    Justin Bieber
    estreeter alias The All-Seeing and Most Benevolent of All Seers in the Land of Smiles and Beautiful Women 
    It's true, folks - I rock. Hard. And often. 
  4. Stillhart
  5. StefanJK
    I'll praise you once you correctly predict the ship date(s) for people who order on the first day orders open.
    I care when I get Yggy, not when I order.
    I myself have no idea.
  6. Stillhart
    I wondering which will ship first:  the next next LH Labs product, the Yggy or the Cavalli Liquid Carbon.  [​IMG]
  7. maeveth
    I'd guess the Liquid Carbon since they actually put it up for order.  
    The wait for the Yggdrasil is killing me...
  8. Stillhart
    The estimate on the LC is 4 months from now.
  9. wahsmoh

    lol no comment on the LH labs products
  10. estreeter
    4-6 weeks after you order, same as Rag - what's the problem here ? If they can build something this complex on a production line, I'm guessing humans can learn to assemble more than one Yggy a day. 
  11. jacal01
    Don't forget the EC Red Top, er... Black Widow.
  12. StefanJK
    I got a Rag less than two weeks after ordering, so things can go fast.  On the other hand, the second batch of Rags still seems not to have gone out the door.  Not a complaint, just the observation that there is a good amount of uncertainty here.
  13. hodgjy
    It seems like parts suppliers are having issues meeting demands. I read that Wyred 4 Sound is experiencing delays while waiting for parts suppliers. It's possible Schiit was (is) too.
    wahsmoh likes this.
  14. Chris J

    It's actually 480 Watt * hours per day.
    Watt*hours and kW Hrs are actually units of energy.
    The elctric companies actually bill you for enrgy used, not power.

    Other than that, I have nothing intelligent to add to this thread!
  15. Stillhart
    Well poo.  My Theta DS Pro Basic II (balanced) came just now.  Plugged into the coax from the U12 that was working fine wiht the Adcoma and it won't give me a signal lock light.  When I try the same music from the coax out of my X5, it works fine.  Anyone have any suggestions on getting it working with the U12?  I made sure to use 16/44 to test and I know the cable and the U12 coax work otherwise.  I also tried both coax ports on the Theta.
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