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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. GoldfishX
    I'm somewhat of a fan of the all-in-one design. I run a Sony HAP-S1 in my main setup. The achilles heel of the thing is that it's locked into using the onboard DAC...It would be ideal if I could lineout to another DAC. Onboard, it uses the PCM1794 or 1795. Sounds fine, but hardly safe from the upgrade bug. I'm planning to audition an Aries with the DAC's I have and, if that works out, start moving towards an Aries/Yggy frontend.
    So the delay/price tag of the Yggy isn't bothering me right now. lol
  2. bmichels
    well, as for the DAC, I am testing right now the ARM DP-777 SE and, If I finally do not kept it, I will look into other options like the Total DAC, the next Chord "secret" Project xxxx, and also the... Yggdrasil
    But, I stil need a good music server.  So I am hesitating between some Windows based servers like this CAT or a Baetis or...some more safe options like Aurender, Aries, Antipode...
    NOTE: I believe that the CAT includes in it's price the 2 external Teddy Pardo power supply.
    but the Baetis is another (better known) Windows's based server alternative...
  3. 7ryder
    And here's a recent review of the Linn Sondek CD12.  Short version, not as good as the original reviews made it out to be http://hifi-advice.com/Linn-CD12-review.html
  4. 7ryder
    +1  I was just going to point him in this direction
  5. conquerator2
    I'd be interested in that... Because I just scored the Basic II for $400 [​IMG]
    Excited! [​IMG]
  6. wahsmoh
    WOW Nice one!!! that is basically a balanced Progeny. 2x PCM67 + 2x Motorola DSP56001. Nice score!
  7. conquerator2
    Yep, excited man!
    After barely missing a non-A Progeny on Ebay [for a bit more!], ,I feel redemption [​IMG].
    Not sure if it is the BAL version [apparently it was optional. I've inquired to the seller. I wasn't sure from the pics.] but I don't care all that much. 2x PCM and DSPs are still in there.
    It is also the non-A version, and it has an AES/EBU input instead of the BNC... This model never had a toslink input, regardless. Guy says it is an original piece, so I guess you could choose/customize that, perhaps?
    Everything seems legit and the guy seems to have taken good care of it... Hopefully it lasts!
    No idea, but it seems very promising. [​IMG]
    Certainly hyped! Cost me less than my previous DAC [the Gustard X12, which was VERY good arguably, but different technology].
  8. snip3r77

    Which DAC you got ? Which one should one aim for ? Thanks
  9. conquerator2
    That's the one I got. But honestly, I think anything is worth a try... [​IMG] 
    And happy Easter everyone! [​IMG]
  10. estreeter
    Hi Amos,
         Do you have a link to this at 400USD - perhaps it went up after they decided it had a 'fever five drill reputation' : arguably the last thing I want in a DAC but clearly a selling point for some  :wink:
  11. mhamel
    10,000 pounds for a Windows PC in a fancy case seems absurdly overpriced to me.
    You can DIY that including a fancy custom case for a fraction of the cost and it will be every bit as good, including top of the line/boutique components and all the customizing/tweaks you'd want. 
  12. Stillhart
    Okay well I just snagged an Adcom GDA-600 for a song.  I'm sure it's no Theta, but for the price, it's one way to try vintage R2R on the cheap...
    AustinValentine likes this.
  13. mikek200
    Congradulations,Stillhart ,-use it in good health.
    Was that the one on e-bay?-I looked at that last night.?
    I'm now looking at the 700..its got XLR connections..
    I may try to get it.?????
  14. conquerator2
    [​IMG] Same day as I did the Basic II... Happy Easter huh? [​IMG]
  15. Stillhart
    Nope, this one was posted this morning.  The one last night was $175 before shipping and this one was $98.  Also sold by Stereo Exchange in NYC, so trustworthy seller.
    I was definitely looking at the 700 tho.  I've got my eye on a few units right now, but I couldn't pass up the Adcom for under $100!
    Now I need a transport.  Looking at the Gustard U12 and the Audio-GD DI-2014.  Amusing that I'm looking at a transport that cost 3x what the DAC cost.  lol
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